CBD Oil While Nursing / Pregnant / Postpartum — My Experience

Consuming CBD oil while pregnant, postpartum, or nursing is definitely something you should talk to your healthcare provider about! My experience with it used …


  1. Just a public service announcement. My wife and I just had our 3rd bio child and my wife took small amounts charlottes web CBD oil 60mg per ml for some anxiety during her second trimester. After a doctors appointment she tested positive for cannabinoids. We didn’t think anything of it because there wasn’t a follow up test verifying the presents for THC. However, when we went to the hospital for delivery they had her down as a second trimester drug abuser and the social worker was required by law to report this to child protective services. Needless to say we were pretty pissed but the social worker said “oh don’t worry they rarely look into this” 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ yeah but…….. it’s not true. She took a legal supplement and got treated like a drug addict. Aggravating to say the least

  2. Im currently pregnant rn with bad anixety which im on medication for which they want me to continue to take but i havent cuz ive read the effects it can have on baby . im looking for an alternative hoping cbd oil will help

  3. So inspiring. Thank you so much for a good advise- taking good care of yourself. I keep forgetting it because it seems like there is no time to do it with 3 kids. I would like to priority it more.

  4. Is it 100% cbd you are using? Me and my s.o are currently trying to have a child and she is concerned with taking cbd that has small doses of thc. The one she is currently looking at is a 10:1 ratio. More cbd than thc. Curious if anyone may think this is still safe with the small thc content as she wanted it for the added relaxation. No physician can seem to answer it at all.

  5. Did you notice any changes in your baby's behavior while you were taking CBD? I was just prescribed an antidepressant and I hate the way it made me feel. But I've had a difficult time finding any kind of reviews or studies on if CBD will effect the baby.

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