1. All very well but 👉There's a difference between pain relief and cure!! Don't think it's not curable through joint manipulation! Iv cured many with an ancient technique from India! But as long as it's one sided buttock down the leg to the foot only. The piriformis type origin.100% recovery rate from 3 to 5 sessions over a maximum 1week to cure fully any age! No operations or injections! Only £40 pound a session or money back! Based in the United Kingdom 5 minutes from M62 north Manchester. Message 07562 144277 to book or queries il call you back asap! Thank you 👍

  2. Hey brother I'm glad you getting pain relief I feel it's psychosomatic because she BD is just a bunch of horseshit I know what it's like to have sciatic nerve pain you can drink a 55-gallon drum of that and trust me I have it doesn't fucking cure a hangnail pain nothing you're experiencing psychosomatic pain relief and I am not knocking this whatever it takes whatever works with your brain cuz every brain function but every person is different me my tolerance is super high like I said a quart of scotch wouldn't do anything for my sciatic nerve pain sciatic nerve pain is one of the worst Angel ever experienced on the planet if you're not a woman giving birth we can discuss this further excuse the run-on sentence I have short term memory I want to get everything in discount and increments of 3 and it'll automatically punctuate itself thank you

  3. I have mild sciatica you guys should look up stretching for your sciatica it helps a lot but I haven’t tried CBD yet can any of you confirm if this works better than THC or is it about the same

  4. My auntie normally wake up every morning with a lower back pain. I proposed her to follow this particular low back pain guide named “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) and then in the next day, she has observed good advancements. She is very happy with the particular guide…

  5. I have the same problem and I use the Cinna-mint flavor from Ancient life oil. Taste great and works even better. I get there 1000mg per ounce and use a dropper full, which is really about half a dropper. And it works really great. Good luck.

  6. I was in a car wreck when was younger loss my right arm well the use of it it is just there no movement but pain still their now my knees have been acting up now right ankle and left are driving me nuts been trying all kinds of rubs,patches,and etc. so that i'am getting up in age no help either use to do roofing and all the crap that goes along with building houses my joints are all screwed up left shoulder rotor is shot bone on bone just trying to find something that will get rid of it for awhile i know it never go away so just have to live with it just as i can forget it for a couple hours will do some more looking in this deeper and hope to find one that does me justice getting tired of being in pain anyone that has true and awesome place where to get a bottle but it has to work and hope it lasts along time at least half a day any info will be a big help can be reached at haas5719@gmail.com thanks again enjoy your day blessings to all tc.

  7. I have had severe sciatic nerve pain down my right leg down to ankle. Please tell me this might get me some relief. It has been 5 months, I am going nuts so painful. No quality of life.

  8. Cbd is the only thing keeping me functional at the moment. I get the "rso/ rick Simpson oil" that taste like ass but while its in my system I am a 1-2 out of 10 pain wise. If you are suffering GET SOME CBD!

  9. I've had sciatica since like sometime in Feb. 2014. I've only done natural stuff and plenty of it. I have pain right now but it's going away on it's own since I'm waking up and just relaxing on my side on a Thai futon that is placed directly on the ground. Plus I have a negative ion and air cleaner machine running, and whatnot. I went to go piss so that's less toxins in me and the walking is apart of that. Sometimes it's light, sometimes it's severe. How long does this oil on average last in relief and how often do you get new bottles (you never mentioned)? Peace and love. You should try vaping it for quicker and more extracted results! 😀 I still haven't tried that but I've used Amsterdam organic vegan blunt wraps for smoking legal herbs and that helped then. XD Cheers, -Seth cX

  10. Best way to take few drops on tongue. I have found some studies on internet which showed hemp oil is beneficial for many reasons. I suggest try few reputed brands and go with one which gives good results.

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