CBD Oil: Miracle cure or snake oil?

CBD Oil has been described as a ‘miracle cure’ for everything, from epilepsy to Anxiety. But is it really the miracle cure we think? CBD is a naturally-occurring …


  1. CBD oil has been studied plenty. For those of us with Autistic kids, we notice a huge difference in quieting the mind. CBD has shown to be a healthy supplement with little to NO side effects. So we are supposed to use BIG PHARMA drugs with huge side effects first then when they ruin your body and cause a half a dozen other issues that you didn't have before?? Reason why people are following independent studies instead of corrupt CDC and BIG PHARMA studies is because they are financially focused only!!! Profit over Humanity!!! No studies done???? We'll thats because even today its still being demonized and a control substance.. Up until recently its really hard to obtain and significant amount of CBD/THC as CBD is associated to THC…Funny how Big Pharma and Government demonized THC and CBD for decades and now in 2018 they finally admit what we have known all along that its beneficial… lol PREDICTION: CBD AND SMALL CONCENTRATION OF THC will heal the world eventually!!! DRIVE BIG PHARMA OUT!!!! unless they can RE-Demonize it again and keep it to themselves and charge a MINT for treatments and cures… HECK oldest book ever written:) BIBLE : "from these leaves i give you medicine to heal the world" quotation : JESUS CHRIST.. Anyways…

  2. I live in a state where weed is legal. I went to a store that sells it and bought what i thought was real cbd oil. Afterwards did some research and i have a feeling what i got was no different than the snake oil you can buy off amazon. From what ive read true cbd oil is made from the plant and not just seeds and does contain thc. I am not sure how much of it was psychological but i g2 admit it did help me fall asleep and get a longer more restful sleep. Been off it for a month and can really tell the difference. Going today to see about getting more but these last 2 bottles i got for $25 apiece and lasted 2 months. I have a bad feeling it has gone up. If so i can live without it or maybe try amazons?

  3. Tho – to be fair – vegemite is only AMAZING with real butter. And a slab of soft or crunchy carbs… back when I ate carbs I was all about vegemite butter and salada… visual and kinesthetic and umami levels of satisfying joy

  4. Another great video, thanks SciQ!
    Personally, I think cannabis really does help in some areas to the average person. Frankly, it helps me sleep, and fully rested, I feel I'm much more productive at work the next day.

    I hope we can relax law's further so we can get some solid studies done. It just blows my mind people die on fentanyl all the time but the same people say its a schedule 1 drug that has no medicinal value. That just doesn't make sense.

  5. CBD works on my feet, I have neuropathy from nerve damage. The better solution is a stimulator on the ganglion root of my nerves about the S1 joint in my back. I've completed the trial for the stimulator and I'm having less pain. My new stimulator implant is next week.

  6. Said it before and I'll say it again: it's a good thing this blond woman is incredibly hot. If you understand fully what she's saying You must also realize that no medical drug in the history of any country comes to the masses without some kind of side effects. No medication regulated or unregulated is guaranteed to do anything. Even in a four-stage testing process they can't possibly test every human being and every biological system on the planet. They do a clinical trial and of course that is a better way to come to a solution, but we all know that pharmaceutical companies are in bed with the government so that they can get more drugs to prescribe to more people. So don't go all googly-eyed when the pretty girl Winks at you and says Single Payer Health Care. I would say the only thing she truly is qualified to do is to put her beautiful face on the screen and be good looking. Great accent too.

  7. It’s like you read my mind. I’ve been wondering about this. I’ve opted not to treat my depression with medication. There’s just so many unpleasant side effects partnered with the frustrating medical system in the US.
    I’m still curious about CBD. I don’t think anything is a magic cure and I don’t have that expectation for anything. But Im more concerned about potential side effects and lack of regulation in ingredients. You can criticize the drug companies for a lot of things, but they’re pretty dang good at quality control.

  8. its not just about the medical system. ive struggled with anxiety for years. was prescribed many drugs. some did not help and others made the situation worse with the horrible side effects.

    so i can see why people would want rush out and try this.

  9. I love how you break down the information girl. I enjoy watching videos. I think you're absolutely right There isn't enough scientific and medical proof, To consider it as a cure.

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