CBD Oil High: Will it really Get you high? Find out! [2019]

Does CBD oil get you high? Let’s find out: There are different types of CBD oils, with different %age of CBD and THC present in it. If you order your CBD Oil …


  1. I took too.much accidentally. I read the dosage wrong. I was out of my hesd. Starving all night! Eating and eating! Thought i wss tslking out loud all evening about the strangest things –my mom said I didn't say a word. Couldnt walk without wobbling.
    Felt totally spaced out til morning. Woke up in middle of night feeling messed up still. I had no idea it could do that. was not a fan. Ugh. Wont happen again.

  2. A video I watched yesterday and posted recently covered the fact that some CBD oil producers are now getting notices to retest their product due to higher THC levels than indicated on packaging. Since CBD wasn’t being regulated (still isn’t?), some products are getting people high

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  4. Cbd oil with 0.3 thc will get you high if not used properly, example is that I use a great cbd oils from
    Tennessee that has 0.3 thc and it’s 300 mg ok, if I take 12 drops it will give u a small buzz, but if used correctly which is about 6 drops then I won’t get high and it will just give u the medicinal factors. So this girl is lying to u , if you use a cbd oil with 0.3 thc or below it can get you high if not used right

  5. I keep hearing people claim it doesn't get you high. However I feel pretty dam good. It's so good I'm buying a second bottle today.
    I'm impressed and surprised. I definitely feel something off of it.

  6. Idk I just bought some vape cbd juice from a vape shop because of so many things messed up on my body lol was weary of smoking because I stopped smoking weed a year ago for a job either way vaped it and I feel high lol I mean I wake up out of my sleep feeling amazing all the parts that used to hurt don’t hurt anymore or as much and my anxiety has dropped , shit that trips me out is everyone says it doesn’t get you high but I feel high sometime like I just puffed a blunt lol but it doesn’t last long like a 20 min high and the rest a
    Body high

  7. Curious at what level does CBD/THC vape oil make you really high. Can you function and work at what ratio? I do believe some of both is needed for benefits. I see 1:1 ratio. Does that make you really high? I know a lot depends on the person. What do you think?

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