CBD Oil for German Shepherds?

Trying CBD oil with Lotus our German Shepherd who suffers from anxiety. Follow our lives raising 2 German Shepherds and ask any questions you have about …


  1. Hi. Did the CBD oil work? I'm trying out the Calming Bites. I dont see it working. My 2 yr old GS has bad anxiety and I'm trying to find something to help. I cant bring her anywhere close to strangers. She goes into protection mode. Please let me know if the CBD works. Thank you

  2. I couldn’t understand why I like watching you guys clean the house, car and pups, I have cleaning videos for that, so why watch it here? Well, I figured it out finally, and it is because it leads by example how to be a responsible pet owner, and what I mean is that dogs are hard work, they are messy, and and then the next day you have to start all over again, and I think this shows the level of time commitment and energy needed to have a large breed dog. Also, I caught Will say his family had a cleaning business and that shows in how he seems to know the best method to clean everything, car, house and pups, so excellent tips and product reviews happen from that too. I just thought I’d share my great revelation😀

  3. What is it that you put in their food ? Particularly interested in what you grabbed out of the fridge. My GSD is a very picky eater and we struggle in getting him to eat his food unless we mix it in with some rice or a can of dog food but even then sometimes he will not eat it. Love the pups ! Such good boys 🙂

  4. I got my puppy and he is 4 months old now. When I went to the vet, they ask me “do you want to neuter your dog?” Being my first furry friend I don’t know whether to neuter him or not? What’s your opinion on it? Have you done to your boys?

  5. Interested to see how CBD works. I give my boys Organic Hemp oil. It didnt work with my wolfdogs anxiety towards huge objects but it serves as an immunity, booster and assisted with shedding. Try mixing it with their food. (or ground beef), saves you time! I found that the opposite was true. The more id try to feed them through the nozzle the less theyd let me 😂

  6. I hope the CBD works! We're all cheering for ya pup pup! It feels so good to clean the cars! I need to get myself one of those brushes for the wheels 👍. Great video again! Thanks for sharing 📽🐕🐕

  7. Hi boys! Thanks for making today a much better day. Love love the intro to this video, head tilts are just irresistible. Great editing as always! Love how positive the comments are on your channel 🙂 good to see the Evo again too…

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