CBD Lecture Series – Uncut: Peggys Natural Foods presents Stuart Tomc of CV Sciences and PLUS CBD

CBD Lecture Series – Uncut: Peggys Natural Foods presented by Stuart Tomc of CV Sciences and PLUS CBD.


  1. I have the best land in Costa Rica for this industry, whether for sale, to rent or develop projects with you, several of these are located in the blue zone of the planet where the elderly live up to 125 years, these same lands own the best water and climate in the world according to studies carried out by national geografic in 2005. The laws here legalized the cane or cbd a few days ago that is why I am offering these services. I also have my neighbors and fellow farmers from other areas interested. This country can grow all types of hemp 12 months a year regardless of the season, that's something very important that I almost forgot. The two main airports are close to the same as the two maritime ports and the Panama Canal we have next. In this country it moves by land from the Atlantic to the Pacific in four and a half hours. We have three types of climate. Costa Rica presents a tropical climate characterized, in general, by its excellent temperatures and rainfall during much of the year.
    Climate Warm Humid (Tropical Humid)
    Warm Dry Climate (Tropical with dry season)
    Climate Cool Dry (Temperate). I repeat here is perfect for growing all types of hemp twelve months of the year.

  2. Wow, I’m so relieved to find that people discover CBD to be a panacea. Really? I’ve been using MJ since a young age. But when you start messing with its components, you screw with the drug itself. Like taking the opioid effect outta Norco or Vicodin. You’re left with just aspirin. Yay! That’s how I feel about CBD. Snake oil to cure what ails ya, right? Nope, I need the psychoactive part of the drug for maximum efficiency. And the minuscule amount of CBD within that concentrate for full alleviation of symptoms. CBD on its own is sold at every drug and clothing store. No thanks

  3. CBD is under attack by Google and Facebook – they don't allow ads or even online banking for it anymore – family run and small businesses have been completely destroyed – in favour of government backed, bank backed fake, GMO and less useful hemp-based CBD – they know organic FECO works so much better – help us save CBD

  4. If this loud mouthed car salesman would simply stop screaming like a madman, and give me back the seat covers from my '57 Chevy that he made his jacket from, perhaps I'd listen to this video. He didn't.

  5. Would this be a product that can be paid for using an HSA/FSA card? Or will some insurances supplement some sort of reimbursement for the overall cost of it? And if someone happens to be on an anti-epilepsy and ADHD drug…provided to them from their doctor… How would they go about bringing up the idea of getting off these drugs to a product like this?

  6. Very informative. I started taking 1 Gold gel cap before bed a few nights ago and have slept very good each night. I wake up more rested than before. The Gold is a full spectrum product and I had been trying other brand broad spectrum dropper bottles prior so I had some kind of opinion of how my body was reacting already. After speaking with my local health shop and mentioning my reasons for trying CBD she recommended this product amid others.

  7. Absolutely destroyed it. I thought he was slightly too loco at first. Truth is so exciting that I think he was restraint! Thank for existing. Your company is a great example how to do it right. I am formulating products for pets. PhytoVet

  8. OK, I have used gold isolate and it IS really good HOWEVER, all other cbd companies are not necessarily untamed, untested toxic garbage. Also ALL those organizations they are contributing to, raise their costs, ALL the people they have onboard raise the prices. It IS a great product and I may purchase more (after experimenting with others MUCH less expensive). THis is a very expensive cbd oil. The reason a company has record sales is usually never because they are so great but because they have an amazing marketing team…period, like him.
    For me however, I need to go take some CBD oil. I have a headache listening to him. ugh.
    Additionally, A very good low priced CBD oil and CBDistillery. It’s a great product and I’ve been using it for a month now and very cost-effective

  9. Talk about not "hard selling it"… Obviously it's big business again, corporations like this want us hooked to them without any independence.
    This guy is a loud obnoxious salesman. Too much shouting disables folks ability to see the gaps in his evidence for hemp crops being as effective as he said it is.
    I prefer cottage industry issuing these hemp/cannabis products.. not big business.. Quality and corruption inevitably gives way to profit. It's all about the profit for them.
    He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, pretending to be against big pharma and for the regular persons rights and welfare.

  10. Hmmm. at 36:20 he's says "this hemp we're growing in Holland has very little CBD in it"… The way they excuse that is by mass harvesting of this very low CBD Hemp plant…
    Isn't it all about the CBD…?
    Even if there's an accumulated % of CBD over larger amounts of low CBD hemp harvested. Wouldn't it be a less holistic form of CBD coming from plants meant to produce reasonable amounts of it with a wider variety of Cannabinoids?
    Which means a less effective product?

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