CBD Infused Honey – Do it Yourself!

This is the easiest way to make your own CBD infused Honey. Great for any application you would use honey for! Great way to add natural sugars to your diet!


  1. So being a DYI type of person saves money by literally purchasing products then using the same products for a video that you are neglecting to mention you own or are directly connected to as this is Wizard Labs channel? I would have just said you were doing a demonstration of products you sell at Wizard Labs not "go to Wizard Labs this is where I got everything you see…" I just hope I am wrong because that will leave a bad taste in people's mouth.

  2. thanks for making this… FYI… you may want to use honey for more than just a flavor mask. Real, raw local honey has many beneficial properties just like CBD. Like CBD it should not be overheated as that destroys the antioxidants, flavonoids, antibacterial properties and pollens. Store bought honey is typically adulterated and hot filtered so basically keep your honey temperature beneath 125F and it will still be liquidy enough to mix the CBD

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