1. I suffer with chronic pain if that what you feel it dont be afraid to use the term just because chronic pain is a invisible thing and is very misunderstood .Have they not prescribed you a ppi as they call its basically a protector for tummy so it normal omperzol so if making you feel ill then ask your doctor. I personally can't take naproxen as it just kills my stomach but every one is different if you have omperzol it might help x

  2. Back in 2006 I did my back in old work . bad till this day all way in pain not I got arthritis in both hips lower back problems. I can't take some tablets because of my asthma. My Menopause. Ibs .health problems

  3. I slipped disc in May and still suffering. Having physio now but still suffer with pain. Don't know anything about cbd vape but can you tell me where to buy this so I can try. Thanks x

  4. After living with chronic pain I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia whilst it kind of gave me a basis to work with I do have other symptoms too. My go to is an electric blanket daily regular treatments with a massage therapist and I have found eterocoxib 60mg along with omeprazole to work best. It’s an anti inflammatory but works whereas ibuprofen, diclofeniac and naproxen hasn’t worked. I also use cbd gel off Amazon. I hope this helps in some way to giving you more tools per se xxx

  5. Hope you get some answers and relief soon. Totally know what you mean about the relentlessness of mild/dull pain long term- wears you down doesn’t it? I have a chronic illness but my pain level & type varies. Past couple years though had some new pain and still trying to get answers. When my mum had long term issues with her hip and shoulder/left side generally osteopath was helpful- exercises and k-tape but eventually when GP got scans etc done it was all due to a spine issue. It’s definitely difficult to a) get taken seriously as drs want to put it down to anxiety or hormones etc too often, and b) to know what symptoms etc are relevant/could be linked especially as the short appts have to be very focused.

  6. Request omeprazole to take with naproxen. It can cause stomach ulcers long term so it causing an upset stomach is likely. Omeprazole helps reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and irritation. I have to take it alongside naproxen. Also physio told me that often the neurological receptors remain open following a trauma, injury, long term pain and getting them to shut down again can be a major help. (It’s my next attempt to combat my pain) worth a discussion

  7. Please don't feel like you're ever taking away from anyone that way. Pain is pain & everyone's pain is equally as valid, equally as impactful & equally difficult to live with. Xx

  8. I lived with chronic pain in my left ankle for about 10 years.. years of on and off foot doctors, physical therapy… etc… Finally saw a surgeon (was terrified, as I had never had surgery B4). He said I could live with it and keep taking pain killers … But he asked if I could do what others my age could do…I thought about it.. I would never climb a mountain..but I could not even walk round Target without being in pain..and I was in my early 30's… So I got the surgery done..best decision ever! No more pain and I'm in my mid 40's now. I hope you discover what it is & that's 80% of the battle.!

  9. I have fibromyalgia and I can totally relate. Its just hell. The cbd i vape just gives me headaches could you tell me what one you use? Also the drops i used tasted like muddy grass I couldn’t bare it but friends use it and say its amazing x

  10. When you have something not right you want someone to be able to diagnose it as then they could possibly be a cure that could help… …. Also regarding the naproxen i after take lansoprazole every morning if not i get acid reflux and its horrid…..

  11. Naproxen is awful. After taking I woke up with severe chest pain and brain fog. Turns out Naproxen can cause bad heartburn if not taken with additional medication and brain fog is another symptom. I avoid it now 😩

  12. I'm glad that someone is finally listening, pain itself is hard to describe when you have chronic pain like we do mentally it has made me so unstable because in the past I couldn't get doctors to get the correct diagnosis therefore making my pain become a big part of my chronic depression and anxiety, considering CBD myself thank you feel better soon, and go get a second opinion or a third.. hugs xx💜💜

  13. What does the cbd smell like? I know it sounds weird but I’m fairly sensitive to smells and weed to me smells like old sweaty socks, is their a weed type smell with cbd or not?

  14. It's not anxiety, more than likely something is rubbing together in your spine or neck and causing inflammation that causes all the muscles to contract. I swear I would want to punch anyone that acted like my back pain is in my head or just anxiety. I had a hysterectomy at 30, because the doctors said my endometriosis was causing my back pain. Three months after the surgery I realized it was not better and finally got an MRI and found my lumbar vertebrae were bone on bone and my sacroiliac joint was slipping in and out of place. I think the pain of the muscles all tensing is worse than the bone on bone for me personally.

  15. Hi Khila. I hope you get some relief from the pain soon. It’s can be so debilitating and gets in the way of living your life. Fingers crossed for you. On the word ‘Diagnosis’ which is the singular, the plural is ‘diagnoses’ (pronounced diagno-sēz).

  16. Did you know that any pain lasting more than 6 months is called chronic pain? That is just your basic standard knowledge at the doctor. So don't underestimate it, and please don't only go to a physio. Also please go to a pain specialist. They are not just there to "knock you out" for procedures. They are also there for any chronic pain patient that needs relief. Also talk about your fear of getting "hooked" on things, and they can and will work with you no problem. There are medications out there that are, yes, opioids, but that are the same "system" as methadone, in the sense that you do not get used to it, you don't get hooked on it (buprenorphine for instance, which I am taking). There is only a physical "need" for it, because obviously you have pain so you need it, right? I hope that makes sense. After a while pain can exist on its own, so please don't underestimate that part either. It may very well be that nothing physically can be found but that there is this pain, and that needs pain medication as well. And if they tell you nonsense or are unwilling to help? Say: bye and go to another doctor, until you find a gem that is willing to help and work with you rather than against you. Even animals they don't let suffer!!! They should most definitely don't do it to a human being!

  17. traction is totally a thing! I think it is most often used for major breaks in legs/maybe also for back/spinal things? but I broke my ring finger right at the main joint (the second down from where the nail is) and a piece of the broken bone was wedged in the wrong spot and if we'd just put a cast on it or whatever else you may do with a broken finger (tape it up?) it would have healed shut and I would never have been able to bend it again! so they drilled a hole in the top of my finger and stuck a wire in there which they could hook elastics onto and connect them to a metal extension of my split which pulled the top part of my finger up and allowed the bone to move back into place. within a couple weeks of wearing the device and doing physio, there was a vast improvement and I now enjoy perfect mobility of that finger/joint.

  18. Glad you're making some progress. Constant pain is horrendous – it may not kill you but it really affects your quality of life. Hope you're able to get a good night's sleep & enjoy your weekend with Emma!

  19. I'm sure this has been mentioned but if you're taking naproxen regularly, you should also be prescribed a ppi like omeprazole or lansoprazole to take alongside it to protect your stomach. They're known for causing stomach issues and the ppi helps to stop that.

  20. Chronic pain is a nightmare, have you tried keeping a note of all the symptoms over a week, I had a huge list and it's what helped the Dr diagnose my fibromyalgia due to all the strange symptoms. I love my CBD pen, it really helps x

  21. Naproxen is effective but can really upset digestive systems… but be wary of mixing naproxen and CBD as there can be an interplay between CBD and medication. You might be best to check it out, as they both work to reduce inflammation, and both have been reported to increase fatigue.
    Also, yes, traction is exactly as you describe – pulling the bones back into alignment because when they break, the muscles around them can contract, so they do. It fascinating stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Take care x

  22. I'm so glad your getting some ease. With naproxen has to be taken with stomach tablets as they are an anti inflammatory tablet. M8hkila watch way painkillers they give you as most are class a drugs and horrible to get of them. Some doctors dnt belive in fibro ,how can some doctors say yes its a condition and some say oh most def is. I'm praying for your ease xxx

  23. Hey Hun, just watched your video and noticed what you said about Naproxen and your tummy. I take Naproxen too but when I do I have to take a stomach liner tablet to help the tummy. Might be worth asking your doctor if the Naproxen helps the pain it’s worth it xx

  24. It's awful isn't it I've tried the painkillers the GP and pain clinic gave me, chilli cream they prescribed, acupuncture and physio twice they gave me and finally lidocaine patches for the site of my back injury which set it off they help but not a lot 💖

  25. Naproxen is very hard on your stomach, the gastro resistant naproxen is better, but they don't usually prescribe it as it cost more than the normal one, my husband had to developed a stomach ulcer before they would give him the gastro resistant naproxen, then had to give him more tablets for the ulcer, which seems counter productive, saving a penny to spend a pound

  26. Chronic pain is such a misunderstood condition. Yes I do have days where the pain just makes me want to hide in a corner and cry but most days it’s relatively mild pain but it’s there 24/7. I say to people imagine someone was standing behind you pressing their hand against your neck for a hour. Imagine how quickly that would get annoying. On a good day that’s what I put up with all day and all night. It’s so much more than just pain, it’s so fatiguing, drains your energy. I know you’re concerned about the physio saying your pain is caused by anxiety. However I think they are realising how much of a strain chronic pain puts on your mental health. Mental health and chronic pain tend to feed off each other, they both need attention to enable you to feel better. I spent so much time fighting against my arthritis. I came very close to a total breakdown this year which has made me look extremely hard at how I was living my life. It’s a slow process but I have started to accept that arthritis and the chronic pain it causes is part of me, it’s not going to go away and I have to learn to accept it. Almost make friends with it (as I said it’s a slow process ). Different things are going to help different people, if you find something that helps then you should definitely do it. My biggest recommendation is to try everything that’s offered to you. Accept all the help even if your brain is saying I don’t need that. Unfortunately our brains have a nasty habit of lying to us. Hope what you are doing now puts you on the path to relief from the pain. Although it’s difficult sometimes to admit how bad you may be feeling I find a lot of comfort in connecting with others that are experiencing the same thing

  27. My father-in-law was given naproxen for plantar fasciitis he was taking it for 3 weeks and it caused his kidneys to fail and he ended up in hospital. Am currently waiting for a rheumatologist appointment after on going pain in the middle of my back that goes up into my shoulders and neck!! Am sick of being told its weight related!!! Wish I could go and see a vet at least I would get some answers!!! Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

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