1. I suffer a condition called Tourettes syndrome and the tics over the years have caused severe pain in my neck and back. Im in constant pain! I so wish this oil was legal and easy to get here in the UK. Im sick and tired of being on codeine for almost 20 plus years

  2. Just co$t more than I could ever afford, otherwise I'd be taking it as needed & so I can be/become all I can be in positive ways… Thank you for caring & sharing, take care & brightest blessings. 😘 🌹🌈💞🎵🌷🌼🌺💖😆👏👍💫🌟✌ 💛 ☘️

    ☘️~"1 & all please take care of you & for others that need you through all these undesired difficult trying times"~ 😘

    ~"Love, Hope, Peace, Kindness, Dreams, Inspiration, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live"~

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