CBD ♥ For Me And My Cats

In this video I talk a little bit about why I use CBD products for both myself, and my cats, and how we benefit from it. I’m thrilled that there are new products hitting …


  1. So you basically drug your cats because they are inconvenient to you. Hate to think what you'd do if you decided to move and you didn't want or couldn't have pets there. Cats are active at night because that is natural behavior. I sure hope you didn't declaw your cats.

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  3. No luck on the heat cycle info, btw. Maybe her female cat is already spayed, though. I can't find any info on the internet/Google about that topic, and she is miserable.

  4. Cats are NOCTURNAL. Why do you have cats? You give them CBD so they won't be NOCTURNAL? Wow. AND you're SELLING this on here? Fine human being.

  5. I am wanting to know if I can use my CBD on my cat because it’s more fordable for me I am on low income I just wanted to know the ratio you said one drop per pound on your feline CBD can you give me any indication of what that would be converted using my CBD thank you for your insight and help

  6. Its great that you give them CBD for health reasons, but its not right that you want to make them calmer. Cats need exercise, and if they go crazy at night that because theyrr not doing any exercise during the day

  7. Hello Kat I just recently came across your channel and the pineapple pen really caught my attention. You probably will never see this comment but it’s worth a shot. I think it would be perfect for me but the link isn’t working and I can’t find it on the website. By chance if you happen to see this, do you have any other suggestions that are like that pen and where I could find them?

  8. Honestly, thank you. I occasionally get PTSD and just anxiety, but I had just recently misplaced my vape pen (with very little THC left in it) and I am still looking for it, but this might be good for me in the meantime. Thank you so much for this video!

  9. CBD is technically legal in Australia now but the government makes it almost impossible to actually get access to it. Very frustrating for those who would benefit. Thanks for sharing Kat! I read a little bit about MM and CBD in medical journals but it is great to hear a real person talk about their experiences.

  10. Thank you for sharing this! I looked into hemp cbd but my state decided to propose a ban, and my pharmacy won't sell any until that bill dies. It's tough enough to get my tramadol script. Things are really bad for patients who take any form of controlled medication these days- pain meds, anxiety meds, ADHD. I'm going to bookmark the site and talk to my doctor to see if hemp cbd is against my pain contract or not.

  11. I’ve been looking into CBD a lot lately & drinking teas with the tinctures. I also love when I’m able to use a tincture before smoking weed.
    Definitely going to buy from this site & tbh I’m particularly excited about the vapes.

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