Cannabis-infused seltzer available in St. Louis area


ST. LOUIS – A cannabis-infused seltzer is on the market at several St. Louis area medical marijuana dispensaries. The locally crafted, low-dose infused seltzer is named “Society”.

The product is made by Monarch Supply Company. The seltzer is the first of its kind to originate in Missouri. It will be available to medical cannabis patients statewide by early 2022.

The seltzer is crafted from citrus and tropical ingredients, infused with a tasteless, micro-dose extract of 5 milligrams of THC.

The drinks come in three flavors: Cherry Blossom, Blood Orange, and Ginger and Lime. The company says they are also fast-acting and contain 15 calories.

Society comes in a stylized patined and resealable 12-ounce can and sells for $7.

Monarch is a St. Louis-based company and is owned and operated by a local team with 70 years of combined experience in both legacy beer leadership and craft beer brand building.

“Our combined beer and cannabis experience gives our Society beverage portfolio an edge and an advantage,” said Monarch Chief Operations Officer, Doug Mars in a press release.

Prior to Monarch, Mars evolved a 26-year-long career with Anheuser-Busch. More recently he was general manager of a local, high-producing independent craft brewery, and managed the first licensed medical retail dispensary in the Midwest’s early adopting state of Illinois.

Monarch Chief Executive Officer, Corey Christanell, says Society also appeals to broader trends, including as an alternative for millennials and baby boomers who are abandoning sugar drinks and drinking less alcohol.

The name “Society” recognizes how sociable an infused beverage is, reflecting the brand’s commitment to make cannabis socially acceptable.

Because “purpose” is a core value of Monarch, the Society Beverage portfolio features a social impact initiative called Support A Purpose. Support a Purpose is designed to advance the cannabis community’s collective efforts to destigmatize the plant, while simultaneously enabling customers to fund donations in partnership with their hometown dispensaries for their hometown charities.

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