Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome *Weed side effect

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a condition experienced by some people who consume cannabis. Those who suffer from CHS usually also struggle with …


  1. Hey doc and everybody who is reading 👋🏼Thanks for the great videos 🙂
    Im been smoking hash everyday for a long time, it was a love/hate relationship (mostly love😅) But i feel like my life is not moving in any direction so i decided to quit.
    I havent smoked for almost 2 months now😌
    I had the insomnia, lack of appitet, moody and grompy, – you know like everyone else who quit, but i was mentally prepared for that (Thanks to a bunch of videos out there, including yours) But i ended up with a bigger problem – constipation. I exerice, eat healty with alot of fiber, drink water and tried tons of medicine without any luck. After i quit i noticed my appitete was getting much better and my body needed good healthy food, so i ate good balance meals. Sometime i can sit on the toilet for about 20min and nothing is happening. But i still feel hungry everyday, and Im afraid of eating, because it not coming out again 😰 i feel really bad, my stomach hurts and getting more and more frustrated.
    I dont wanna go back to my old lifestyle, I've Come so long now. My Owe doc cant really help me😟
    Doktor do you know What i should do and has anyone experienced anything like this, and If so – What help you?
    Im a bit desperate, and want my health back☺️


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  3. Thank you for video. So in comments I'm reading alot that people had symptoms for ongoing days. Which confuses me. My first time with this was on 420 last year. Woke up to enjoy the holiday and couldn't even get one puff. I was sick all day went to hospital, got diagnosed with CHS and went home and took baths. That next morning woke up absolutely fine. So I smoked, was fine all day, but the next day messed up again, but it only lasted one day again, this time I stopped smoking for 5 months. Started back up around Sept of last year, then this past Saturday I had another attack. So I'm wondering then do I have CHS? But the night before me getting sick I did some like 4 Grams that day plus a bottle and a half of wine no water and vape. So sir what do you think or a guesstimate do I have CHS, or maybe something else. Cause again Saturday all day messed up vomiting and all. When I was able to fall asleep I woke up again absolutely fine. Just a little off on my appetite for a couple days. So again I read people suffer days weeks with an outbreak of CHS, where as mine just last a day. I'm 41 and have some since 13. So why now is this happening. If your still responding to videos please good sir help me, lol.

  4. I am currently on day 3 on quitting and I have been waking up with BAD nausea and I throw up. If I were to take 1 hit tonight would it clear up Chs because I can’t take this I’m only 15

  5. This page has been a big help . Thank you for all the free advice and knowledge. It’s made quitting so easy. I’m still in my infancy when it comes to quitting but I’m not looking back. Sad that coffee is a trigger though?!

  6. 43 years, never experienced any of these effects, in fact, was very helpful in fighting nausea when going through cancer treatments.
    IMHO, this is just more reefer madness and propaganda by pharmaceutical interests.

  7. I wouldnt ever recomend haldol or risperdone or anything like that shits posion imo unless maybe u have schizo even then id seek other options. You may never enjoy your life again i got prescribed a anti psychotic for anxiety and i prolly have some metabolizing gene cuz the long term effects after goin off were crazy and tons of people experience this

  8. I still feel like saying saying weed for anxiety or depression is kind of the addiction talking weed long term doesnt help these things anxiety is normal (not panic attacks) depression is a decison in the moment ( for most ) gratitude 🙌🏻

  9. Its all because weed isnt regulated so there is a lot of bad weed out there. i started vomiting on weed over and over again for years because my dealer was selling me whack stuff, i changed my dealer and it all stopped.

  10. I’m on day 4 without smoking and I’m already feeling more social and my appetite is coming back. I just KEEP getting cravings to smoke though even though I feel my life improving. This sucks

  11. Do you think the endocannabinoid system will heal properly with abstinence. ? Also would it be risky to have hemp seeds for its health benefits? Love your work cheers Helen

  12. This is exactly how I feel right now. Been smoking for 4years and been trying to quit for almost 2 years now… I feel like all these symptoms plus crazy anxiety coming back all at once is why I keep relapsing. Aswell as this I realise all the things I avoided through weed all come back at once when these moments aren't even important in life any more. I feel like my bodies making me go through all these terrible emotions and thoughts again because I didn't deal with it then 🙁

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