Can CANNABIS help with the Pain of ARTHRITIS and Joint Inflammation?

Arthritis affects over 40 million people in Europe. Is it any wonder that people are now looking towards marijuana as a means to help combat the debilitating …


  1. Give Me The Seeds Please

    It Is not claimed "Cannabis cures cancer" as I believe 'The UK Cancer Act 1939' prohibits this statement from being published without the loss of all associated funding…

    Big Pharma lobbied for this way back when and consecutive governments have peddled the same narrative ever since…

    Research it yourself, Its not just about cannabis either, a professional cannot claim dandelions cure cancer, even if sat with all the research in front of them. Its ridiculous and yet another reason why you should not trust your government. End of rant!

    Great video by the way


  2. Yeah it can help stop joint pain and inflammation or arthritis i believe.. i used to use it after i worked out and i never had any stiffness or problems like i would normally if i didnt use it.. so it was doing something.💪

  3. I strained muscles in my shoulder, I could barely reach a plate in the cupboard. Cannabis removed any pain and I had full motion without pain for nearly 8 hours. 1 small bowl of WW

  4. I have AS, and have to take 5 different medications, two are narcotics. Everything through the pain management clinics gets reported to the DEA, I have authorization now to use cannabis, NOT for pain management, but for eating and sleeping, works GREAT, I wish every state worked the same so I can travel.. Anyways, I consume a lot of cannabis, it does nothing for pain, but definitely helps me in other ways!!

  5. It helps me after my stroke. Pain in my right arm and leg would come in waves..And of course no pain meds. I tried it and now three times a week I smoke with my my wife. It works for me. I just have get the right strain. Thanks for the vid. Another good one.

  6. When using cannabis for pain management. First you must know that in the case of those who are already prescribed opioids for pain, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxycontin, or hydromorphone and even oxymorphone which is the equivalent of prescription grade heroin. You must know that many cannabinoids do not agree with these chemicals. Thus you may feel a weakness of the effects of opioids after consuming cannabis. Thus you will be more likely to further abuse your medications.
    This is why I personally recommend that if you find after a hard days work that cannabis relaxes you much better than yet another pain pill. Then please get off of them all together. In fact as a recovering addict to pain killers and someone with very very bad back pain. You, like me, should seriously consider taking suboxone. To get off the pain pills entirely. However, even though the doctor may prescribe one or two 8 milligram pills or strips a day. You really only need 1/2 that amount at a time when starting out and going forward. Suboxone is pretty strong, plus you will feel similar effects for pain management, but without the side effects of interference with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Not to mention suboxone has an opiate blocker to prevent further abuse of opioids.
    I am not a doctor but, I really hope that if you suffer from this addiction that you get the right help with suboxone and not a methadone clinic, which is no better than a street dealer giving you as much as a 150mg dose a day. Just to get you Immediately hooked an another substance far worse. With even more terrible withdrawals and pains. If you chose suboxone then please do it with a full open heart and mind to the idea that you are in recovery. You will not abuse this medicine that will at first give you a sudden burst of energy and revitalization. But after a while will typically only make you feel like you have gained your normal sober life back. You can do it and I know your strong enough without it. I hope this helps someone have a blessed day.

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