British man jailed for 25 years in Dubai over CBD oil in his car | 5 News

Have you subscribed to 5 News?: ▻ British nation Billy Hood was sentenced to 25 years in jail after four bottles of vape liquid containing …


  1. I'm wondering why someone from Britain would want to go to a hell hole like Dubai simply to coach football.

    He could have coached football anywhere in Europe but this wasn't good enough, probably because he wouldn't get astronomical wages.

    And this is why he and other people like him end up in prison or dead. Greed! that's why he's in prison. I have no sympathy.

  2. Right lisen up and listen up good 👍 dubai is a place where you cannot take drugs cannot do anything where in Britain you can you get a slap on your hand
    If you know you cannot do illegal stuff why do it
    Aw cbd was his mate well keep better company simple and all mothers think the sun shines out of thier children arses
    When its blatant she does not know him you can scream and shout as much as you like on TV when your in the Arab UAE
    You play by thier rules

  3. CBD is harmless. There is a cross in the communication lines. Most people who do CBD can see how the "science" is abused like a bad opinion but on one hand they place the burden of proof on you and then they don't want to hear it as if they got their minds already made up. If you discovered a drug that healed huge like no other you would have a terrible battle of BS because deep down they don't want you healed and we're still here pretending they are making a mistake or they are old and senile when in reality they know it never should have been illegal in the first place. They are impossible to deal with and yet they say that exact thing about you just as you're thinking of it.

  4. So sorry that you are going through this situation. Maybe Reprive the non profit organization that helped 3 young men in Dubai who went through a similar situation can also help your son. I may have spelled it wrong but 3 young men were in jail for a year but were released after they were helped by Reprive. Good luck to you, your son is in my prayers, Psalm 23!

  5. If the CBD oil isn’t his, this is heartbreaking! Omg I feel so bad.😢 25 years?! I’m heartbroken. Literally so sad to know people are living like this! The police don’t care especially when the victim can say it was a different Londoner.
    The reason why Dubai gave such a harsh sentencing is probably to prevent others having illegal things.

  6. I don't necessarily believe his "friend left it in my car" story. It does sound a bit made up to try and spare himself from further action at the time. But regardless of truth or not, a sentence like that is absolutely embarrassing for the UAE. And exactly why, no matter how many Sky Scrapers they throw up…they will remain so far behind most of the World in terms of their attitude towards things like the justice system. There is no pattern to sentencing here at all. 25 years for being found in possession of some vape oil containing CBD. So what do they sentence serial killers? 400? It makes no sense. The sentence in NO WAY AT ALL fits the crime. And this is why a lot of people are still dubious and unwilling to travel to the UAE. The World Cup is being held there next year… is it 2 years for being drunk and disorderly because their prisons are going to be full. This makes Dubai look like a place to avoid, not a place to visit.

  7. He was caught with MDMB-4en-PINACA, known as spice. This is a deadly substance.

    On top of that, they found large amounts of cash, storage bottles and boxes, and 570 individual cartridges as well as incriminating evidence on his phone and 3rd party witnesses. Good luck explaining that away as a friend's CBD stash that you were unaware of.

  8. This is bullshit 25 years for CDB vape oil wtf UK government has to something about this insane why they don't deport him ban him for life that taking away 25 years of his life he didn't kill anyone.

  9. This happens to soo many minorities in the uk , it isn’t good being a minority alie?
    ,get use to it bro , this has been happening to us for years. Soz ✌️

  10. Had he not lied he wouldn't have been tried as a dealer and trafficker. He claimed a friend left it and he had no idea but also claims he uses it for his health. Which one is it? Did your friend leave it without your knowledge or do you use it for your health? Don't be surprised when they slap you with selling and trafficking when you couldn't even keep your story straight. And you expect the courts to believe you or show sympathy? When you lie to them, don't expect them to go along with your story.

  11. How are the people not defending the guy he got locked up for 4 bottles fo CBD that’s not a crime 25 years is way too much not even a year for that Dubai are some fucked clowns shit country free my guy

  12. If you get caught in England with drugs you’re going to jail . The law is the law . If you get caught with drugs in your car in England you’re going to jail .

  13. Well said but brother to be honest I've tried cbd oil and I was smashed for 2 days it is a drug and you should respect a countries law just because we're British oh can we ask prime minister and foreign secretary to pardon my son as we are British Common I feel for him as a fellow brit but they need to hold their laws simple

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