Black Sheep Dispensaries CBD

I recently got my hands on Black Sheep Dispensaries products and in this video I take you through some of it. They use full-spectrum extract with lab tests …


  1. Tyler , your the man to ask. 🌷 I always make sure products full spectrum & lab results are available to tie product. 🐇 What's the difference between these 'Raw' CBD oils & original type? I like the nutty/tingly taste in full spectrum, I'd be suspicious otherwise! The Raw is a darker oil, more spicy maybe? What is the difference? In way it's made? Thanks in advance 💞🐱♏

  2. Nice review Tyler. 🤗 I like that fiery taste from it too. Good sized tube of paste, that way is usually best value for money. I may give their products a try. Had coconut butter with CBD , handy in the kitchen, or to use on the skin.
    What a coincidence! 🐇🐇 I just bought some gorgeous CBD/CBDA honey , texture is perfect & it tastes amazing. 🙂 Again, the CBD & CBDA could be a bit higher, but it's great to have CBD in lots of ways.
    It's the first CBD honey I've tried, from Holistic Hemp Scotland. I want to restock so I don't run out!👍🏻 Excellent customer service if anyone wants to try them & 15% discount during April. 🌷🐱♏

  3. The drops are advertised as ‘Whole plant’. Are the products broad spectrum in terms of other cannabinoids? Whilst I have used CBD isolate, I find greater therapeutic value in using it along with other cannabinoids and terpenes.

  4. Love all your videos bro. Did you say that Vegan honey was 25 quid for 500mg, as in 25 quid for a half gram that'll be consumed over around 20 servings! the amount of cbd wouldn't be worth taking, especially at that price.
    I am all for CBD products as its helping me get over 3 spinal operations without the need for opioids, but it frustrates me to see so many rogue companies out there selling products with such small amounts of cbd in them and still being able to call it cbd. It also is annoying to see companies charge what ever they like, just because their product contains cbd. It is still far cheaper to buy and smoke or vape cbd flowers over all other products available, but so many people cant or won't smoke or vape something and have to have a product where it doesn't look anything like a recreational drug. I cant wait for a bit more healthier competition that'll force prices down.

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