Black Father Charged w/ Murder for Expired Cannabis Cultivation Permit

Black Father Charged w/ Murder for Expired Cannabis Cultivation Permit In Oklahoma a Black Father of 5 was charged with 1st degree murder for protecting his …


  1. It has nothing to do with the ounce and a 1/2 cannabis that has to do with him 3 strike out there hes been convicted up to more more situations that's it I just don't fit their narrative to say that

  2. Government is the most tyrannical and evil force in the current paradigm as well as the history of mankind. Their monopoly on force and judgement of force, as seen here, is how they keep us in line.

  3. Great video guys great content you got to do more of these so people know what's going on awesome conversation man that s*** is not right it's in moral u the man

  4. This is why the idiot was charged with murder. "According to court documents, Bratcher grabbed his gun, then when he heard Hardwick at the back door he “asked the subject what he was doing,” before shooting through the door three times “to scare the subject off.”

    When he opened the door he found Hardwick dead on the other side and called 911." That is not a self defense situation. Like I said the reporting on this is shitty and LMC looked at a shitty report.

  5. Race shouldn't even b in this a white guy,frm the south.And I believe with all that I am that "all men ARE created equally".we aren't born racist,it's something u r taught.frm a very early are sponges,they absorbed every thing around them then inturn 4 the intruder….u play stupid games,u win stupid prizes.smfh

  6. Why in the hell is everyone making this a race issue? The dude shot though a locked door at an illegal grow. His license wasn’t just expired, he couldn’t get a legal license in this location. It would be the same for ANY race. This is no way self defense. Shows weakness to pull the race card

  7. An expired permit should be treated as such and have nothing to do with self defense. I wish I could be on his jury!! His lawyer better make sure the jury understands jury nullification.
    Welcome to the American injustice system…

  8. Unreal. Total b/s, Mans a hero for protecting his family from a dangerous criminal. I knew oaklahoma was a bad place for someone to go to grow; no more telling people to go there because its easy to get a script please…. Also, this can be beat in court; even though OaklaNOma is racist AF.

  9. every situation is different and that's why there's a court of law.. everyone in this chat is unequipped to make a determination on what happened. The fact that this immediately becomes a racial issue is… sad. Murica

  10. Gotta be careful what state you live in and understand the local gun laws before trying to do anything involving marijuana. From what I understand several states you basically have to hold an unloaded gun acknowledging that fact or you can be charged with intent if a burglar is on "YOUR" property.

    I'm not excusing this by any means just saying they used the expired medical cannabis license to be able to push for murder more.
    You see minorities vs whites
    I see the government vs it's slaves

  11. Pricey, I think we have the cheapest grow, processor and dispensary licenses in the nation. 2500 for each one and that is the yearly renewal fee too. Also all that meet the same requirements get a license so unlimited competition. But, you better keep your license up to date or they will treat you as a felon.

    AND AGAIN, HE SHOT THOUGH A CLOSED LOCKED DOOR THE GUY WAS MESSING WITH. That is not a self defense situation, after he gets in the location then you can shoot the guy. What are the rules for shooting people where you are from LMC. I can't imagine your state lets you shoot people through locked doors.

  12. I am a black father of 5 children and I think this is race motivated issue. We only had a small footprint in the cannabis industry and we are blocked anyway possible from being able to run a successful business in the cannabis industry.

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