BEST CBD OIL UK: Quick Review, Smell & Taste Test of our 3 Best-Selling CBD Oils!

Sam from ALL5 gives viewers a quick breakdown on ‘what is CBD oil’ plus first time try & review of 3 best-selling locally produced UK CBD oils by Advance …


  1. I have bought the 250mg
    Canabidol CBD oil (3rd one in your review) and I have to report back that it tastes bloody awful…!!! like chip pan fat…😂😂😂 so I put a few drops into my coffee.
    But, that is the only downside. It really has started to help me already.

  2. W.T.F Stop rambling & just get into it.. can't watch anymore your not even doing it correctly to gain the effects plus it's all fake c××p 0.02% only allowed in the UK nothing higher is permitted

  3. This is a marketing pitch for their own products. Don't believe the hype. The UK market is awash with poor poor quality CBD and plays on an uneducated customers ignorance. The difference between a good product and a generally available product is night and day.
    CBD which is dark green or nearly black in colour is in my view poor quality and a cheap product. It is the least refined CBD and the raw wholesale tar like extract that makes these products is the least refined and the cheapest to purchase. So thus makes up the bulk of the UK market place. Some oils are even made to look clear by having CBD isolate in them and other ingredients added. DO YOUR RESEARCH and don't trust brands which try to prove their quality with heavy marketing.
    Exceptional good quality CBD is golden in colour and tastes great, not bitter or plant like due to all the green plant matter still in the product and requires nothing added to it, ie. terpenes, essential oils etc.. You can see what I mean in these products:

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