1. Props for the fun visual animation with the video! Haven't tried cbd myself yet, but I am interested in trying it out (especially after this video lol). Was surprised to see it sold here in NY at a vape shope so it's cool to see its readily available.

  2. So, the benefits of pot without the awesome high? Sounds purely utilitarian, which I guess it's good for some people, if I'm understanding correctly… am I?
    Also, a question totally unrelated to weed "partaking," did you record every episode in one go or you wear the same outfit every time you record a new one?
    On a serious note, I have a friend that has depression (wouldn't call it crippling, but then again, I don't know how to tell that kind of stuff) that for weird marital reasons I don't quite understand (and don't know if it's okay to probe further), he doesn't follow a treatment for it. Would CBD help him?
    Anyway, have a nice day, ma'am.

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