Ban on recreational marijuana in Detroit extended until March

Detroit City Council members voted Tuesday to extend the ban on recreational marijuana until spring. After an at-times contentious public comment portion of …


  1. Yes, Tate legacy Detroiters that lived in Detroit for 5 generations. There is no Social Equity if Detroiters can’t get funding to open a cannabis business or being employed by the Cannabis Industry in Detroit. How is a drug related felon get out of prison and open a legal cannabis business. How can economically disadvantaged Detroiters get in on the jobs or businesses that the cannabis industry creates. There is no social equity. This is more inequality for Black & brown ppl in urban cities across America.

  2. If they do that, the police won't have a reason to search you beat you up and put you in jail or kill you.
    Because the reason why they stopped you in the first place because they smelled marijuana.
    Recreational use that should cut off on a lot of crime.
    But that's how the city makes they money off of crime. And tickets

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