As Many Myths as Seizures – #EpilepsyDay 2020

Debbie, Lorraine, Gerard and Oliver on the many myths of #epilepsy. On International Epilepsy Day, February 10th 2020, let’s sort the myths from the facts.


  1. All thanks to God and Dr Oziengbe for curing my EPILEPSY disease completely with the help of his herbal medicine He told me he also cure diseases like:





    {5} HPV

    {6} ALS


  2. Please i need some advice.
    In 2017, i got my first seizure.
    In 2019,i got second one
    And just recently last week,i got s tbird one.
    I dont take any epilepsy medecines and i get it only when i have extremely long and heavy periods and its towards the end of the period.
    P.s last time,i have fever during my period and this time i had food poisoning. And sugar was high as well.
    Is it epilepsy?what should i do?should i go to a neurologist?
    I also have pcos

  3. I love this video! Where do some of these myths even come from?!? Putting a spoon in her mouth??? I can't even imagine doing that to my daughter during one of her seizures!

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