An Effortless Way To Keep Your #Parrots Cage More Entertaining & Give The Light Needed #Parrot_Bliss

In nature, #Parrots move around all the time (unless they are nesting). Be sure to move their cage outside – it gives them a change of pace (when it is safe) and …


  1. Excellent advice. I read a study on birds and supplemental lighting and it said that birds are prone to cataracts if using too much light or putting it too close to the cage.

  2. Sorry.! There isn’t anything particularly beneficial in the light coming through my windows. Indeed as you mentioned, my windows are tinted. Thank you for another stellar video.😊

  3. Great points. Even though my flock is taken out onto my screened and roofed porch, I still supplement with avian lights. They synthesize vitamin D when they’re exposed to UVB, just as we do. UVA is visible to birds. It helps them recognize mates, different species and find food. Without UVA they are color blind. I don’t think there is anything particularly I couldn’t get a concrete answer from my avian vet on how much outside time a day I should give them. I pretty much got the same answer you got.

  4. Thank you for explaining the light needs. I would have thought "full spectrum" meant "full"…LOL…this crazy world's weirdness. Also, great tip on reptile lights.
    Another wonderful video…complete with a small portion of you gorgeous, well-loved flock…🌻🌻🌻

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