In episode 4 of the Hair Mask Monday series I’m giving a detailed review (with demonstrations) of the Afrobotanics Hemp Seed Oil Super Strengthening …


  1. Hi Noli, I also noticed that my hair tends to feel stringy after using a protein treatment. So I have been on a look out for some moisture treatment to balance things out and I have opted to go for that African Pride masque!!💞

  2. New subbie here and my hair is also 4C low porosity, I’ll definitely try this product as I always do DIY hair masque and I’m a fan of Afrobotanics. Enjoyed the video

  3. This is probably the most asked question but imma ask anyways😏, How do you know/identify that your hair is protein sensitive?

    Ps: i can’t wait for you to review the afrobotanics deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner also from this wash day box. My impression!?…it’s bomb👏🏽👌🏽🔥

  4. I really enjoy watching people washing their type 4 hair, that's just so satisfying to me.
    I have high porosity hair, & I've been looking for a deep conditioner that will gimme the wow factor – been thinking of going for AfroBotanics but from a different range (I wasn't happy with the DC from the pearl thusi range).

  5. Same when I applied it literally disappeared so I had to use a lot but I have really thick hair so that could be it. My hair felt more strengthened after using it and I’ve noticed my coils are getting more defined.

  6. Thank you. I bought the July Wash day package but I wasn’t sure of how and when to use this product you’ve just reviewed. Thanks again. I’m low porosity type 4C. I use protein treatment sparingly

  7. That Amina triple butter conditioner also has Hydrolyzed Collagen, keratin and ceramides, Pro vitamin B5 so would you say that’s also a protein treatment? I have to say the protein treatment debates trips me up too

  8. Yaaaaay!
    Is it possible to test out the As I Am Hydration Elation Conditioner for hair mask Monday?
    I used it once and, although it has slip, my hair didn't feel as hydrated as when I use She Moisture manuka honey deep conditioner, but I'm searching for a protein-free deep conditioner.
    Or perhaps I should have kept it in my hair longer than instructed?🤔

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