A Tale of Two Drugs; THC & GABApentin. Dr. Ian Mitchell: 2019 CannSolve Summit – Cannabinoids & Pain

A Tale of Two Drugs; THC & GABApentin. Dr. Ian Mitchell: 2019 CannSolve Summit – Cannabinoids & Pain Video by Mastermind Studios.


  1. I went back on cannabis after a 5 year hiatus, and at month 3 developed CHS (cannabinoid hyperemisis syndrome) 😪 Needless to say, I was forced to cessate its use 😭

  2. I don't use either but I used to use marijuana ad a teenager. I liked it but in my late-teens it began giving me panic attacks so I stopped. Still, that's just me and I still largely see it as a positive for a whole lot of issues/uses.

    That said, the desire to demonize it comes from a fairly basic and easily identifiable place.
    In a society that is dependent upon everyone working, spending and working some more you don't want the people in that society using a drug that generally makes you "lazy". He addresses that stigma in the video but I think everyone understands that the average person on marijuana is less motivated than usual. Some the opposite but the stereotype of the stoners sunk into their chairs after smoking exists for a reason (even if massively exaggerated).

    Beyond that, it was largely seen as a drug of the lower-classes and races in the early-20th century.
    "Latin and black men will smoke the devil's weed and then come for your pretty daughter/wives" was a common fear/notion.

    To end this stupid and needless post, I think marijuana is one of the most misunderstood drugs from both sides of the argument. Too many think it's evil or the answer for everything. On one side there are those that say marijuana will lead you to demise. One use and you're a junkie, etc.
    On the other side are those swearing that marijuana will cure your…everything. Headache? Weed. Broken arm? Weed. Upset stomach? Weed. Swollen prostate? Weed. Etc.

    I sit at a place where I'd rather people not use it recreationally but don't really care if they do. I'd rather my teenager come home smelling like weed than alcohol after a night out where I catch them trying to sneak in at 2am, lol. Yet. I'd rather they not use either.

    As for medical purposes, if it works for you go for it. It's not my place (nor yours) to tell someone with an ailment that they can't use something that helps them. I just don't think it's the cure-all many users purport it as. I think a lot of that is wishful thinking, if not outright an attempt to lessen a deep-seated, social guilt for using it.

  3. I’ve got a spinal cord injury. Gaba-p was AWFUL on my body but because of cannabis I never have to take Gaba-p again. THC works great and doesn’t slow me down like Gaba

  4. My pain management doctor wanted to give me THC but my employers drug testing program said no. They had no problem with GABA. It made me feel so bad in so many ways I had to stop. I turned to kratom and it helped me through my last few years of work however I found it to be habit forming. Would have preferred THC.

  5. The only thing that works for my nerve pain is Marijuana, if the THC level is good, then the CBD in it works better. I can't have any pharma drugs, as I get incredibly ill on Opiates, and Gabapenten makes me incredibly depressed and does not help with my lower back pain and nerve damage.

  6. I've been smoking trees for 27 years. Never once have I had a problem. Way better an safer than alcohol.
    And I have gone days an weeks without smoking throughout the 27 years. So NO IT IS NOT ADDICTIVE.

  7. this is just my current experience. I started smoking before Gab and my depression was dangerously high. it was not helping me anymore so after a year started Gab and its helping but I got upset one day and stopped taking all 6 spills after day 3 i was feeling so bad i had to start again. im not a fan of weed but im not a fan of Gab either but its whats working a little bit to keep me in check

  8. I asked my doctor to prescribe me gabapentin when I had a slipped disc a few years ago. I had been bed ridden with debilitating pain for months. The pain was so bad I’d pass out, it also atrophied my left leg muscles. Within hours of taking gabapentin I was able to walk without pain. My nerve attacks stopped. I took it for a few weeks and had no side effects. I still consider it my saviour drug. I never take any drugs so I’m no drug pusher. But hey that’s my story.

  9. My neighbor…. who I used to care for deeply…. started this stuff a year ago after it was prescribed by her Psych Dr. and I noticed the change immediately. I didn't know ANYTHING about the drug until today. I WAS RIGHT. She has currently been banned from my property for 2 months now. I still care for her but she went Bat shit and can't be trusted to not bring me harm with one of her mental breaks. I wish I new this a year ago.

  10. Facts: Cannabis is not a cure for anything.
    It has many negative side effects.
    Although we know millions could use it therapeutically ,the primary use is still recreational substance abuse and daily dependence. It has been proven beyond any doubt that smoking cannabis will stunt and degrade mental development especially the younger the person the worse it is.

  11. Gabapentin is a no can do..
    I got way worse on that shit..
    Govt is big piece of shit dont matter where u live wants u dead
    Fraudulent misinformation from same company makes a Vaxxxination shud be a big red flag
    Vaxxxinate Israel..

  12. This yoyo just said that research has not proven that stoners smoke weed and chill harder than the south pole.
    NEWS FLASH!!!: That is the very definition of a stoner.

  13. Id love to ask park's Davis wtf did you make a pill that takes 2 hrs to work 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
    Wanna feel drunk 10X take a handful of gabs 🤯 8-10 800s & you might have trouble walking 👍🏼
    I started 13yrs ago taking both when I stopped hard drugs & they probably saved my life 💯
    I won't go a day without either of these med's ✌🏼

  14. Was prescribed Neurontin back in 2002 for Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety. It worked on neither. But, it did work on my nerve pain and RLS. It was criminal to prescribe it for a myriad of "problems" they passed it off for. $430mm wasn't enough. They should have been forced to surrender all the profit generated by it.

  15. I was prescribed Neurontin (GABApentin) at a dosage of 3.5 GRAMS/day. I was a walking zombie. I have migraines and other chronic pain issues resulting from a car accident when I was 4, in which I almost died. GABApentin was a nightmare, and I’ve never really been okay with what it did to my quality of life.

  16. Gabapentin was horrible for me. I have degenerative disk disease and a pars defect. They put me on 1200 mlg a day. My family and close friends intervened telling me i was not acting normally. After slowly weaning myself off of it did i realize how much it was affecting my mentality.

  17. I suffer from migraines of all types (cluster headaches, thunderclap, ocular and many others) I was put on codine at 240mg a day and gabapentin at 2400mg a day, I felt inhuman, it did not stop migraines but made me so spaced out between migraines I was not able to function. I ended up suicidal and doctors were unwilling to listen to me, I have not found anything other than high dose pure oxygen for cluster headaches but that is it. Not taken cannabis and in England I am not in a position to try/find, I would only try if legal because of the implications of criminalisation and it stopping me gaining more research in to my condition.

  18. So cannabis does have a negative effect that can promote or stimulate mental harm in people who may be susceptible to underlying schizophrenic potential.
    So he literally just admits that weed can push a crazy person "over the edge".

  19. Gabapentin was as bad or worse than the opiate poison the doctors prescribed me. I cut all the meds in half first week I started taking cannabis for my spine pain. I was off of the doctors poison within six months. It doesn't work for everyone, but for some it's a life saver.

  20. Everyone wants weed legal as a excuse to be high all the time so it's a excuse to be on welfare. There is always better alternatives. Weed screwed me up more than gabepentin weed made me lose time black out develope multiple personalities. I've been off weed for 8 years and never been better.

  21. You forgot the cost difference between prescribing generic long studied safe effective opioids, vs still patented, less effective, more dangerous, worse withdrawal medication that often cost 500-2000 dollars a month. When on lyrica it was ludacris, and i was left suffering needlessly crippled, bankrupted, and nearly died multiple times, still left to suffer, enslaved and tortured by a system directly profiting on my misery and demonization. Doctors didnt stand up for their patients, gov targeted them as a cover, i tend to call it a gov sanctioned genocid3. Fits the requirements.

  22. Made me suicidal, on top of not managing the chronic severe pain i live with after a malpractice. Still have microseizures memory loss, loss of enjoyment, and sleep paralysis even after quitting a year ago.

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