1. Do not pay tax to this state for weed. They do not deserve it. Oregon has the best weed(archive) and also the cheapest (25-48 dollars an ounce including all taxes) Floyd’s fine cannabis beats anything all the southern states could grow even if they worked together. If you want weed go to Portland. (it will ruin you on your old weed man and all other dispensaries.)

  2. “If the words life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not include the right to experiment with our own consciousness then the Declaration of Independence is not worth the hemp paper it is written on.” Terence McKenna

  3. Of course the big boys
    Have there stock now.
    Everything in place now they will make it legal.
    They don't like others making money . I don't even use the stuff but i see the value of it. They made a car with the stuff years ago the doors were more stronger the metal doors. Good old oil
    Stopped that . Money & power the root of evil.

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