5 Seizures

I’m going to show 5 clips of Raelynn’s seizures that I’ve recorded, but haven’t shown until now, and explain why for each. Sometimes I’ve recorded her seizures …


  1. Way real,and way cool,you=awsome very many ways=the lover for true!I am in awe,sorry,i forget how to spell that,ha ha,always blessings i wish from Jesus to you and yours,good dreams of Heaven too!

  2. So too are you,in Jesus name Amen!sometimes knower should be reminded,however this a gueuss just in case,too,make sure.Fellow brother,i am no authority exept in Jesus.

  3. As God knows you,please share your music/spirit my super freind,i am music with guitar and piano,ive heard you,would like to hear more that you very much are,dang it!You are far from simple/you are real,maybee do one vid about your love,not to show me,but too the spirit and confidence in our lord!!!along with/adding to faith that yuo already do!of course God is good and when we see more and more,how could we not be faithfull=hope ability that give the open path in love to his creation,for his love,and ours.

  4. Play guitar freind,i already know you will say humble things,please play your spirit,i too play guitar for spitual reason,i too am not best,please play,practice for you,yours,and God,thank you for considering dear freind/love brother in arms of God!

  5. No wonder you have a little blooper now and then, considering the level of dexterity it must take to help Raelynn with a seizure while also getting it recorded so you can share information .. and thank you for sharing your information. As to the red light .. that look from Abby is evidence of your crime .. maybe you should edit that out 😏 Raelynn’s come a long, hard way, but her sweetness stays the same💗

  6. And yet after this first seizure she’s smiling. Just comes to show you just because she has seizures. She can smile through it all what an angel she’s so adorable

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