3 Main Causes of Seizures in Dogs || Vlog 28

Follow Dr. Wong around a half-day of meeting pets with neurological symptoms, buying concert tickets, and sharing dad jokes. (00:00) Introduction (01:17) …


  1. My little Yorkie had seizures. Bad after anti seizure meds tests all to no effect '' , I found the cause to be treats made in China that used nitrites for smoking and smoke taste. DO NOT let your pets have treats unless made in USA and nitrite free. Check ingredients. She cannot have hot dogs, bacon, summer sausage or anything smoked or nitrites used for flavor. The seizures stopped after having them 11 years when I withdrew any nitrites food or China treats. Nitrites will kill them if allergic. I had 2 yorkies. Sisters. One not aergic to smoked foods using nitrites! She had no seizures.. Cut them out of your dog's foods/ treats to stop seizures.. She had a piece of hot dog given by grandchild…she had seizures within hours. It's very serious for small dogs especially.

  2. My little dog has seizures and I had vet do x-rays to make sure she didn't have cancer, results were good, nothing there, plus brought her in for breathing difficulty, they said her lungs looked good, heart sounded good, they gave me anti-biotics for her just to make sure she would be better and fifth time I gave her antibiotics, she had seizures right after, so I stopped giving it to her! It scares the crap out of me when i saw it. Can they die from seizures? She is a, I can never spell it right, but a chiwawa and is around 11 to 12 years old!

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