🚨 81% CBD 🚨 X3 (FTP) crystalized 🧊 oil/vape cart From➡️ (The Calm Leaf)

thecalmleaf #cbdforthepeople #eliteheat This is a legal cbd product due to the 2018 farm. Discount code: smokedoctor @ the calm leaf.


  1. I've been buying off cbd ftp website for a few years now, but just checked out calm leaf and it has the same products for cheaper. Awesome, thank you <3 btw the sweet wax is by far my fav if you haven't checked it

  2. I'm stoked to get my X3 and elite heat battery here in a couple of days. I've been using the x2 and the pods for a few years and just recently decided to try the x3 and maybe even the CBN eventually.
    Thanks for the review!
    what do you prefer, the flower or the X3? I know they are different animals but I've considered getting some flower as well.

  3. It was good but stopped hitting after 2 days. Ended up warming it up a million times to get it to hit and before i knew it, it was empty. Only got like 5 days of use out of it. Not worth $60 IMO. Battery is great though

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