⚠️ Top 10 Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency That You MUST Know

What are the most common symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency? Do you know what to look for? Watch this video to find out! Health Essentials [Full Guides] …


  1. You just told me every symptom I have. I just took a b12 capsule, 2 b-12 chewable tablets, & drank a b-12 energy drink. I had gotten to the point if barely being able to walk as my body was shutting down. I even took a bad fall 2 night's ago, & my mouth has been so sore I could barely eat, I started out with the tingling in hands & feet, then I started having nerve spasms in my right buttock & then the pain came & kept getting worse & worse. Thank you, I am trying to get a ride to go see my Dr.

  2. Pernicious anaemia is another fact and not having the Intrinsic factor to absorb it I'm not a doctor I have it in my family you can have a simple blood test to find out if you have a B12 deficiency.

  3. I have just been diagnosed with very low B12 so my doctor is giving me a 6 week course of B12 injections my hair is falling out at a very fast rate so im praying these injections work! 🙏😔

  4. Thank you , I can relate to all of those symptoms. However they’ve improved a little over the last few years as I’ve changed my diet to mostly vegetables and fruit but a little help with bit b12 should help a great deal more. Thank you👌🏼😊

  5. I suffer from Past traumatic stress disorder anxiety, depression, spinal chord injury, diabetic, blood pressure and kidney disease in addition Insecurity, poverty and displacement have had a devastating effect on me and my family please pray for me

  6. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be very dangerous. I woke up one morning and I could not use my phone. I was totally confused and a neighbor took me to the hospital. The hospital did not know if I had a stroke or Vitamin B12 deficiency. It took awhile but a neurologist said I had the deficiency. I was in the hospital for 3 days. I was not aware of a B12 deficiency one day then the next day I was in the hospital. What an experience.

  7. Please note B12 deficiency is an insidious and dangerous condition. I had it for many years before it was diagnosed (due to ridiculously low lab ranges). There is a glycoprotein called Intrinsic Factor, secreted by your gut mucosa that is essential for B12 absorption. Atrophic gastritis causes this to be destroyed and you can no longer absorb B12. You then have to have B12 injections for life. High Homocysteine from B12 deficiency can also cause damage to heart vessels which is what happened to me. It can cause permanent damage to your nervous system. The very first symptom is bad fatigue. The feet and hands tingling that he mentions eventually leads to peripheral neuropathy which can also be permanent. It can also cause Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Cord. A lot of doctors don't take it seriously enough.

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