Your CBD products might still be prohibited. Here’s why (Marketplace)

Much is made about CBD and its health benefits, but our investigation reveals many CBD products are still illegal in Canada. Those health claims? According to …


  1. CBD is the #1 multi-billion dollar threat against pharma pain meds.
    Big Pharma donates alot more $$$ than CBD mfg's to politicians, Physician Assoc.'s, etc.
    Draw your own conclusions !

  2. Honestly this series is so well done and is so interesting, I always have it playing in the background while doing homework it helps me focus

  3. So we can't test the black market items for purity nor can we conduct studies on whether CBD to see if it is efficacious in any regard. Pretty big catch 22 here

  4. Buying THC or CBD products with the official government tags are too expensive. There are a lot of reputable places to get it. THC is great. Just know your limit and what’s works for you. A little bit before bed is great.

  5. $100 – $150 a month is probably less than most people spend on morning coffees, take-out lunch, snacks, wine after work and so on .. add it all up and then make a choice on where you want to spend your hard-earned cash

  6. The only by product of marijuana I will even think of using is bubble hash and the only treat I make with marijuana is brownies. It takes time to find the perfect strain for a person's condition, but once you find it life gets a little more enjoyable/bearable.
    Not a fan of the weed is bad, liver destroying drugs are good talk.

  7. $800 is insane! I personally started using CBD this past summer from the government dispenser I still have the same bottle I paid $30 for. I take it 2x a day 5-10 drops am and pm for fibromyalgia pain. For me I found it helped with my back which was so bad I considered quitting my job. I am completely back pain free. My sleep improved as had other issues. I’m in love with my cbd and think it’s a far safer option then strong pain meds.

  8. Let's see, it takes 10 years of education/residency to become a doctor and a 4 hour online course to become a budtender. Nope. I don't see the difference in medical knowledge there.😂

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