Sugar & Kush | CBD Milkshake + CBD Smoothie Recipe

I use Sugar and Kush products on a regular basis and wanted to show you all how you can use them in the kitchen for fun and yummy recipes while we’re still …


  1. All of those CBD recipes look so delicious @EyeCandyCandice! We love that you are are mixing the 750mg CBD gummies into your smoothies! What an awesome idea! THE CBD milk shake is awesome too with the Vanilla CBD oil. We are delighted that our CBD products are helping you through quarantine. This isn't easy is it? Thanks so much for a great Sugar and Kush CBD edibles review and please, stay safe!

  2. Wow love the makeup look Queen 😍 both recipes look yummy I love the cookie 🍪 milk shake recipe yummy! Thank you for sharing this and your code! Your mini me is too cute 🤗 stay safe and healthy 🙏🏾💕

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