Solei Balance Cannabis Oil Review: Low THC & CBD For Beginners (19+ to view)

Hello friends, and welcome to my review of the Solei Balance cannabis oil. I discuss the branding, taste and consuming experience, how to use the oil, a micro …


  1. Excellent review was looking for the more CBD forward "Solei Free" review but this is a I guess good enough product adjacent to get a general idea. As for the packaging I think the federal Cannabis laws are quite restrictive in branding and packaging. The American brands don't have these limitations which is a bit sad to see the US get a easy leg up in a space we were supposed to pioneer as the first (technically second after Uruguay) to legalize.

  2. Hello ! Just stumbled on your channel and loving your info just subbed. I am just starting trying out CBD oil since I have anxiety and constant pain in my right shoulder and wanted to try out something more natural vs meds. I got the Solei brand as well but mine is not Balance but the Free one, which has 11.04 CBD and 0.45 THC. To be honest I'm still experimenting on how much to take as so far I'm not feeling so much relief, though I admit the mist I took so far is 1 ml. Anyway love your channel and will check out your other vids! BTW I'm from Quebec and we love you back! 🙂 Bonne journée!

  3. The Solei "Free Liberer" I have, is THC 0.37 mg/mL and CBD 10.32 mg/mL. Should I use your type instead. My wife said this didn't do anything noticeable, nor did I notice any change. Would it be safe to drive on your Balance type?

  4. Your too funny , I just bought this product .. I had the cbd alone first and this is the first try with this one , I like ta get high I feel a little buzz from it and didn't mind the oil so much in my mouth I taste the coconut .. thank you for you review and I will be watching more reviews …

  5. I take 1 ml in the morning and with coffee, I can feel quite impaired on some day. I am very used to this oil. It helps so much with anxiety and irritability but sometimes I feel like I lose my train of thoughts and I get very nervous. Is it normal to get impaired with 1 single ml? I am thinking about switching back to Free/Libere to avoid Thc. But I am curious why so little thc affects me.

  6. MCT, oil is the one that is odorless and with no flavor., hence, the other part of the formula that is the Cannabis Oil CBD has flavor as much as cannabis does.
    That's why this formula has flavor.
    It says unflvoured oil, because it does not contains other artificial flavored like lemon or cherry etc added to the Formula of CBD+MCT.
    Yes it taste like cannabis oil diluted in CBD.

  7. LMAO @ Balance Harmoniser oil haha. This reminds me or Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys who always says "Get me some Zesty Mordant Doritos" Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Great video!

  8. As a man who does not like avocado toast, I really like the Balance flower and vape (haven't tried the oil) because some strains of cannabis (even other 1:1s) can make me anxious, and Balance just always seems to work well for me without any anxiety. It also helps me be more social in general. I like it for right after work when I'm not always in the mood to cook/clean/talk, and I find it helps perk me up a bit. I agree that it's something I recommend to people who are nervous or just curious about cannabis

  9. Been watching your videos for the last month and I really enjoy your chill vibe and sprinkle facts and backstories of your experience with the products/companies. Can you please make a video about smoking in the summer? As in what strains you prefer, where to go and relax and what to do 🙂

  10. Can I ask where you got your info about the terpene removal being due to it being more complicated? I was told they did this to improve the taste. I don't really see how it gets more complicated when you don't have to remove anything.

  11. I use their unplug oil, full dropper under the tongue and chase it with coffee to wash the oiliness down. I find it near flavourless, but can taste a very mild weedy taste. Gets me pretty lit after an hour or 2 and lasts 2-4. And at 30 ml, I get pretty high roughly 30 times for $21. Great value IMO.

  12. I'm French canadian and the translation for Balanced in french is "Balancé" or "Équilibré". I don't get the "harmoniser" since it means Harmony in english. Liberer/free is ok. Unplug/Déconnecter too but Gather/Renouer is not even close, it should be called "recueillir". Sense/Toucher should be "Sens" or "sentir". I'm not sure about the french word choice they made, honestly they should have kept it in english. it would have been simpler anyway 🙂 Great review.

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