1. I think the laws are ok. Treat it like alcohol-like – 21+ and limited on hand (1oz). I think the government should make it illegal to make candy like – so kids dont eat it

  2. So california now has to release people in prison that are only there for marijuana charges!! Pardon them people! Legalising marijuana is putting the queen of england out of business!! HAHA!!

  3. California is like the 10th biggest economy in the world and they just legalized cannabis. I believe the rest of the US is gonna follow them now. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Weed nation we are one ! White collar conservative flashing down the street pointing there plastic finger at me. I gonna wave my freak flag .Those in the know know who penned that ..

  5. Yeah, just what we need. The politicians say it will be good for tax revenue, but the bigger plus for them is to keep people high and stupid so they keep getting their party voted into office and keep the rest of us clear minded people shaking our heads as we watch our country go to shit. But yeah, let’s celebrate.

  6. Awesome news, and i don't even smoke. How it has always been legal to buy cigarettes, and alcohol, but not marijuana, has always baffled my mind. Cigarettes and booze are 100x more dangerous than pot.

  7. The Only Problem with the Legalisation is that, it does not apply to Adults that are 18-20, this is Age Discrimination, if you are an Adult at 18 then you should have the same Rights and Privilgies as Adults aged over 21. I would say this is a Violation of "Equal Protection" under the 14th Amendment.

  8. It is a historic day. I never stop being amazed how slow changes come even in so called democratic system, the majority were well ahead of our leadership in this domain. Old habits die hard. In 1970 when I settled in the Bay Area, it was impossible not to smell, see, witness how the new generation was using pot and how it had began to spread and using it with the social changes and attitudes. Didn't we learn from the Prohibition period in the the twenties with alcohol that has become so 'fashionable' now to be served in almost any party, gathering, and any ceremonial events with abundant and lavish champagne, wines, liquors, whiskey and scotch, etc? Humans are not perfect and none of our laws and regulations can do much about it. It all comes down to personal attitudes, learning and developing to make such substances serve them… rather than falling to addictive habits. The responsibility rests and should be with a person to follow the rules and regulation and not be prey into self-destructive habits in anything of that nature, whether alcohol, dope, pain-killers (medical 'dope'!) and everything else within certain social limits. After all capacities, tolerance, knowledge, self-control, learning, growth, etc., etc., DIFFER… and total prevention makes little sense when the process itself requires fairer and meaningful distribution protecting the young and vulnerable in society.

  9. what you need to know for new consumers: do NOT cook & eat an entire ounce of cannabis flowers, for you will hallucinate & not be able to ambulate until tomorrow ❤ sopoʇ ɐ sǝɥɔoN sɐuǝnq ❤ crumble one bud under yer grilled cheese

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