My Experience Vaping CBD for Chronic Pain + CBD tincture for my Service Dog

I discovered the QR code on my cbd vape oil doesn’t work anymore so here is the company I believe it is connected with The vape …


  1. I'm so glad you started trying CBD oil! I've started taking it to manage my anxiety and some of my social interactions struggles and the difference has been AMAZING!!!

    My experience with the straight CBD oil (or one mixed with peppermint oil) has been immediate effect, which might be because it's not a tincture, it's the straight, non-vaping oil. I would caution against saying that it's impossible to overdose on CBD because there haven't been any studies on the long-term effects of taking it. Natural medicine can be just as harmful as clinical drugs if misused, so I try to be careful when using it, especially for long-term use.

    I will say I prefer the peppermint over the regular flavor, and if you want to try taking the straight CBD oil (aka not the tincture) I would highly reccomend it. It could be cheaper than the tinctures, but I don't know for sure. They have a couple good brands on Amazon sell straight CBD oil, with and without peppermint. I would say definitely go for one that's broad specteum CBD oil without THC because I do believe THC is the component in marijuana.

    Hope you find what your looking for and that your visit to the neurologist goes well!

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