MOONWLKR HAS CBD?! So Im gonna tell you what's good…

Shout out to Moonwlkr for making cbd with specific purposes so we arent all confused… Get The Goods Here: *Use code CHRISSY to save …


  1. How do you recommend someone that's starting off cbd/ delta 8. I have anxiety real bad. Mood is always down. What's better? Moonwlkr, serenetree? Hemp co box, haygood?

  2. I love their D8 and take it nightly for sleep but I disliked their CBD/CBG AND CBD/CBN gummies. I think the taste is way too herby for me – no clue where you got the fruity pebbles profile from lol. I also didn’t notice the pain or sleep benefits. I still need to try the cbd/Ashwahandha pack. Haven’t had anything happen or planned where I thought I would need it. But their D8…LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. I am on anxiety meds. I also have a severe cronic pain condition of the nerves in my face. I use cbd for pain along with my normal anti convolsive medication cbd makes me have less flare ups cant wait to try cbd and cbg together.

  4. ive tried the pain relief cbd cbn gummies from them and tbh they taste rlly awful. there is a berry flavor to them but the after taste is SO chemically 😖 they have a rlly nice full body effect and helped alleviate pain and put me right to sleep with only half of one but oh geez they taste bad

  5. I would fucking love to go to therapy together like for real I need it, but yeah I have a bunch of those people in my life in fact anybody over the age of 50 that I know/related to is like that. However I only just tried cbd/delta 9/delta 8 this year and its has changed my whole life practically it’s has been so much easier to deal with those people this year than it has been for decades. I take one of the GRN cbd gummies before I even get out of bed these days.

  6. Chrissy, I’m not siding with your miserable relative BUT certain candles/warmed oils/essential oils etc are bad for pets! Perhaps that’s where the comment came from? As far as the kids… I’ve got no defense for that persons comment LOL

  7. Girllllll. When u were talking about the family member I felt you so damn hard. There are a few people in my family and my fiancé knows when they’re coming in town because I’m getting high as balls to try to be able to ignore them when they’re here. Lol that’s so sad that there are people who are so negative we have to mentally prepare to be around them and try to numb ourselves!!

  8. I have CBD isolate from a company in Breckenridge. I also have CBD tincture from them also and it’s a 12,000 mg concentrate (yes, that’s 12 with three 0’s). It was $500ish but I got a Black Friday discount last year and it was only $250. 10/10. I’m thinking I’ll use my isolate to make a CBD menthol balm for muscle aches and pains and CBD/ ashwaghanda pills. I gotta find ways to use the isolate somehow!!

  9. I am so glad I am not the only one who uses Delta-8 for nausea! I get really bad anxiety sometimes and delta-8 keeps me super functional but also helps soooooo much with my anxiety nausea as well as my motion sickness!

  10. Chrissy thank you soooo much for going over this stuff with us!! I've been living with chronic pain for the past 20 years and I have been looking for something new to try ❤️💜😘!! I love both of your channels!!

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