Mineral Applications in Cannabis Cultivation

the crew talks about mineral applications in addition to soil biology and gives some love to Sam from Soilscape and the Phylloscape program. Scott Skamnes …


  1. Thank you 🙂 Learning and sharing the learning 🙂 Will the OGs grow THC and pollenate with CBG? Any chance the OGs can grow some wonderful medicinal hemp – delivered by the USPS – which enhances and supports the effects of medicinal cannabis and ganja cannabis so that we can buy and support : https://www.farmerfelon.com/ Synergistic Wellness if possible please: let's take the THC "moonshine" and make it into THC "medicinal" please with THC + CBG flower and THC + CBD and THC + CBD +CBG flower please 🙂 The one-to-one combinations – polyculture – give us the "fire" and the medicine please 🙂 And if the OGs grow medicinal hemp – delivered by the USPS – I can buy in Oregon and support the Last Prisoner Project with ethos commerce 🙂 Thanks 2 all 4 all. Thank you for your wonderful work and the blessings that grow from it 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Wonderful medicinal Hemp seeds available at https://humboldtseedcompany.com/ and https://twosnakesseed.com/ [I don't earn or get a commission from any company] There are two farms in southern Oregon which grow wonderful medicinal hemp: https://tweedlefarms.com/ and https://tryplainjane.com/ And on the east coast https://www.bostonhempire.com/ all delivered by the USPS 🙂 We can remediate our THC sessions by dosing CBD + CBG flower; we can modulate directionally our THC sessions by dosing CBD and CBG flower ; we can amplify our THC sessions by adding CBD and CBG flower. Thanks to all the OGs for bringing the Ganja cannabis terpenes and flavors to medicinal hemp 🙂 We can sample synergistic CBD + CBG Wellness products now: https://tweedlefarms.com/pineberry-white-cbg-pre-roll/ and https://shop.bostonhempire.com/pre-rolls/dunga-cbd-cbg-flower-pre-roll-5-pack-50-50-blend/ One of the most amazing pre-rolls in structure and artisanal craftpersonship comes from: https://ashevillehempproject.com/collections/all/products/hemp-pre-rolls?variant=31812862214192 Excellently rolled for excellent rips 🙂 Medicinal hemp rolled in palm leaves also burns/doses well 🙂 Perhaps we can support the NC medicinal hemp farmers now as a possible smokable hemp ban looms. Thanks to all the growers for their wonderful work 🙂 Please never doubt how wonderfully medicinal your work and art are – we appreciate it. We are out here finding our voices to express our gratitude. Thank you 🙂

  2. Think of a 30+ foot maple or oak tree. How deep do you think those roots go ? This is where I get my minerals from… Use the leaves in your compost. Top-dress with them. If this is an educational channel, keep it simple.

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