1. Perfect, open up and let the virus spread out of controll and then they say if you don't want to go back into lockdown take our boosters. Hook line sinker. Can't believe so many people sucked into freedom day..m Stockholm syndrome much…

  2. Segregation Day! Melbourne used to be sizzling and buzzling before Dick-tator Dan destroyed it…People in this video are walking carefully and speak quietly – not to attract attention of Gestapo…RIP Melbourne!

  3. Ever wondered why all the fines have been thrown out in court?
    Three things are necessary to create a mandate. First, that there should exist something which should be the matter of the contract; secondly, that it should be done gratuitously; and thirdly, that the parties. should voluntarily intend to enter into the contract.

  4. this grooling grooming government corporation not only has driven people to their death's, seemingly but has also wrenched a thriving, promising spirit from Melbourne, massicating at it's heart slowly segregating and chewing up the connections and heartfeltness of Melbournians this city once had,, the light bling is just a bandaide.

  5. When you realise the Melbourne you grew up in has become Hong Kong 2.0 it’s a real shame that others have to deal with the consequences of compliance

  6. Melbourne the place to flee
    We find no pleasure go out and about like we use too
    The atmosphere is not the same cemetery are more cheerful
    Andrews did this to melburnian took all from us
    We feel more comfortable and secure at home , police left a wound to us scary to see one in the street
    Andrews did this

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