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While still banned at the federal level, medical marijuana is making inroads in the US. Meet one doctor helping lead the way. ————————— WATCH …


  1. My epileptic doctor was also an epileptic
    He was open to the idea
    He wanted to do more studies on it
    Dilantin and Zarontin and other Pills didn't stop my seizures
    Weed did
    And everybody noticed
    Family, friends and people who just know me
    I used to have seizures at the store I would go to
    I didn't even know I was having them
    Petit mal seizure
    Then I started to get Grand Mal
    I had a few different types of seizures
    Later on I tried weed
    It worked
    I told my seizure doctor
    He couldn't recommend it
    But he told me to let him know if it was helping
    Because he had been doing research on the subject
    I think he also was experimenting with it
    I can't say for sure
    It did help a lot
    In terms of not having seizures
    All other medications did really help
    I would end up in the emergency so often when I wasn't smoking weed
    The ER doctors got passed off at me
    Told me to stop coming into the emergency
    Then I had a dislocated shoulder from a seizure
    And back to the ER I go
    But weed ended all that BS
    They made me feel like I should just die
    Like they didn't care about my needs
    All my seizures or migraines
    It's not like I'm trying to have that problem
    Weed worked
    Or helped
    I stop going to the ER after that
    But it had so much stigma on the topic
    I understand
    It's in part why I had my entire idea
    But I wanted to have a circular process
    Textiles and more
    At least I was thinking in terms of science and business and monopolies
    From decentralized energy and more
    Cost efficient
    But I didn't know I was thinking about a circular process or energy
    Sort of post scarcity
    Now I think about it
    That came naturally to me
    I never really understood the price system as it is
    But now I know why
    Artificial scarcity
    Planned obsolescence
    Self maximizing rational choice theory
    All day more
    I'm learning about that psychology and what is required in the proce system
    Constent turnover
    Was to sell more or get more money out of people
    I didn't think like that
    I sort of was coming from the heart
    Cheap energy
    Cutting waste
    Maximizing molecular materials and optimization
    Very affordable
    That's why the decentralized energy
    So I save money to compete with better prices
    All on my own
    Sort of
    I never heard of Buckminster Fuller or Resource based economy
    Or nothing ofvthe sort
    I was thinking in circular post scarcity concepts
    Not to be mean to other companies
    But to reduce costs for people 1st
    In my experience
    Weed helped to keep my seizures and headaches under control
    A natural
    So weed wasn't legal
    To much drama with the legal process
    My next idea was underwater Drone like welding process
    Before drones was a thing
    Building Gooni Ninja tools at a young age
    Playing with Legos
    Building clubhouses, tree houses
    Using tools
    Probably contributed to design and ideas
    I liked dancing and martial arts
    The Goonies…
    Booby traps
    Why buy martial art weapons for Kata
    Build them!
    And customize them
    Add on to them
    Better utilization
    Just saying
    I understand why you feel the way you do about medical use
    At the least

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