1. Oklahoma state is beautiful I am very proud and happy to live here Oklahoma state and medical marijuana legalization in Oklahoma is the best thing that happened to Oklahoma it was time for a positive change.medical marijuana legalization should be available in every other state that is my own personal opinion god bless America .🙏🏼god bless Oklahoma state and to all the beautiful wonderful people of Oklahoma state for going out to vote voteing on state medical marijuana legalization question 788👏👏👏❤️✌️😎👍🏽

  2. the people that are getting weed are going to ruin it before the people that really need it for relief get to it just like they ruined the pain pills they got the pills for a sprain then they took them from their grandmothers and then they faked injuries and stole stuff and we are the ones that have to put up with it we are the ones in pain and we take drug tests every time we go to the doctor for years the same doctor for years been taking a drug test for the same people every time Im clean because Im not one of you sorry bastards misusing the system and fucking everything up for the weak for the cancered for the infected positive people you ought to be ashamed to show your faces and the news broadcasters should be ashamed for acting like its a good thing when theres nothing wrong with the bitch all she needs to do is start exercising and or change her birth control it has nothing to do with pain you dont get rid of migraines with smoking pot Never shes lying

  3. she had a migraine and could sleep thats strange I mean real strange I had a migraine from `1993 until 2008 from a traumic open head injury and pain from the bone spurs that are digging into my spinal cord but theyve been there ever since I was born and you guys get marijuana for anxiety and headaches I think they are nutts and need lithium for sure and probably their stinking doctor needs it too!!!

  4. well Im so glad your helping all of the anxiety people you sure arent helping me you just help the drug addicts!!! your not worth having and it was probably cheaper buying it illegally I havent got any and the stupid drug addict that are getting it are messing that up for us sever pain all most women have to do to get rid of migraines is stop taking birth control and it suppse to be for pain management but you are helping the anxiety people oh and depression you people suck bet you dont have any hiv or cancer patients you just sell it to the druggies that sell it to their other druggies Ive already seen the videos on youtube

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