Marijuana Use – Ten Tips for How and Why to Quit

This video presents 10 tips for why not to smoke marijuana, and how to quit if you do. These health recommendations are based on expert clinical research …


  1. How about edible marijuana? I feel this is a way to escape the lung damage while getting some of the benefits. Higher doses are problematic but small micro doses work wonders for many former Cannibis smokers.

  2. He looks like he does coke!!!!!! I guess!!! He's not convincing …….moreover, Ganja has cured people who has seizures, and all the children I know born to a mother that smoked week was 10 lbs plus and healthy as baby!!!! Oh my bad forgot I'm in America!!!

  3. This is such bull shit, i want to quit after 21 years of smoking every single day, i got kids with no problems healthy intelligent etc, but this guy is ignorant i could go on but ignorance defines everything and i bet i got more money than what this guy has

  4. "STATISTICS"😂😂😂😂😂 there are many circumstantial factors that tie into criminal activity, negative health issues, and any other random "points" being made here. Marijuana use is only added to the list because whenever surveys or once again "STATISTICS" are being concluded marijuana may have been in the body of individuals who may have committed a crime, are dying of something completely irrelevant to marijuana, or their environment made them do poorly in life, i.e. dropping out of school, poor work performance, RACIAL AND ECONOMIC INEQUALITY, hmmmm…maybe even, dare I say, the unfortunate state of the political and judicial system in America and more over the whole world which are the main causes of distraught in individuals who use any sort of substance. I could go on and on but the amount of MARIJUANA I've just consumed isn't giving me motivation enough to continue rambling…good thing?…or bad?..hmmmm…🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ either way I'm not advocating substance abuse whatsoever, nor will I condone it, to each his/her own…but in the same regard I must disagree with insubstantial substances, such as this video😁

  5. After a decade of smoking daily and consuming 1000mg/day, I decided to quit cold turkey. The first weeks were extremely difficult, but once I got through oh my god… the mental clarity, peripheral awareness, reaction time and stimulation to light were all out the roof. I felt like my iq shot up twenty points. Every day now feels as if I am on adderall. My reading ability has nearly doubled. My short term memory is at least 10 fold what it used to be. My auditory processing is automatic now, whereas before I had to take time to digest what was being asked or told. I never experienced depression or anxiety, but I did feel quite irritable in the initial weeks after quitting (which eventually subsided). A lot of the stories of people quitting are very different than mine, but I wanted to share with you my experience in case it might offer a benefit to someone looking to quit.

    *Note that I began smoking around 20 whereas most stories I have read ppl started in high school (so how it affected my brain may be different than most). Also it should be noted that I was taking about ten times as much thc than the average daily smoker.

  6. My first day off it…. feel stressed at the smallest of things. But im going to keep going. I'll check back in in 7days see how I'm going. Much love.

  7. Today is my 2nd day without smoking..I’ve been smoking for about 10yrs…God knows I prayed for change in my life and finally had the courage to stop. It’s hard. Life seems so dull without it but I’m doing this for my kids❤️

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