Marijuana: Heavy Users Risk Changes to Brain

A new study finds that heavy marijuana use by adults could have long-term effects on the brain. What kinds of effects? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer …


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  2. Marijuana is dangerous for people with ADHD ( Attention, Defecit, Hyperactivity Disorder ) because user consumer of all Sativa products do more damage to EQ and becomes more Antisocial or even Psychosocial to other people. Hemp products are safe to consume for all people without any primary or secondary dangerous side effects to human brain.

  3. I’m 2 months sober from weed and I still feel numb and personality changed. My anxiety/brain fog is so intense I can barely speak to people and remember words. I been exercising every day. It’s getting better but very slowly.

  4. This is because the brain is a muscle. When you dump a lot of work on the brain without breaks you are making your body choose what to do between dealing with the THC load and all your other body needs like energy for working or just the brain processing emotions. People need rest more than others.

  5. I have smoked weed every day many times a day since I was 11 years old. I am 30 now. I have never done another drug. I have only drank maybe 5 beers in my life. I feel healthy, happy and intelligent I’m just saying …

  6. Those negative anxiety and depression effects happened to me while I was smoking, but only very shortly after I quit taking 100Mg doses of Setraline, my anti depressant. I don't smoke too hard, but I only really started about 4 months ago and I've been on the anti depressants for even longer. So if there's an explanation for that……

  7. Very technical bud but to me marijuana just intensifies(magnify) your personality(unconscious)..shy,funny,goofy,serious,thoughtfulness,kindness,fearful.whatever personality you first your scared because society says it’s bad and all this negative propaganda

  8. I used it at the age of 13 I'm now 20 and actually helps me focus and the doctor said it could keep me from getting cancer again I had an I had a brain tumor at the end of the age 10 that's why I said it could help me from getting cancer again

  9. Marijuana has been smoked for a VERY long time and it has not had any real significant negative impact on society, however, it seems to be more of an individualized drug with respect to personal use. An individual's initial brain composition and function, to include MHI can likely alter the effects and experience with regard to quantity and prolonged use.

  10. They should do a video on the side effects of talking pharmaceuticals long term. The end result is usually death or you lose your mind and have serious problems. Cannabis is much better as medicine over pharmaceuticals any day. But doctors will talk good about them because they are paid to say so. The medical industry is nothing but a business and money pit. I will not ever go back to the doctor for anything. Im not giving them anymore money. I will ask God to heal me if I need it or choose a plant. I do not smoke weed anymore because I have a good career but there is nothing wrong with cannabis. There's something wrong with pharmaceuticals!

  11. So the contradictions and play on words in this video make NO sense…Ill just come to my own scientific conclusion and say it boosts brain power and creativity..from what I saw the issues it created negatively in an individual were already in that individual prior to weed

  12. you need to balance everything. if youre going to smoke, make sure to plan a walk, go stretch a bit, fill up a bottle of water ( so its weight to carry ) and of course take beaks between inhales. 3 hits 3 mins apart is better than smoking a joint in 7 minutes and drowning in smoke

  13. I used to smoke everyday for 4 years, in the beginning I’d experience the nice pleasant high that marijuana was known for. Over the past year, I started noticing that instead of experiencing feelings of happiness while high, it started doing the opposite. I started to experience a lot of anxiety and paranoia even when I was alone. I decided that it was a sign for me to quit and I have, and I feel a lot happier sober now than when I used to smoke. Weird how things work lol but I don’t regret my decision. Its been about a month since I quit, it wasn’t easy tho. I used to vape nicotine too, and smoking weed felt like satisfying a craving more than to actually feel good. I quit both this year. I don’t think weed is bad, it’s definitely better than alcohol and cigarettes or vaping, but it’s not for everyone

  14. A bunch of coping stoners disliked this. Sorry that the truth hurts. Feel free to go upstairs (from the basement you inhabit) and tell your mom how rustled your jimmies are.

  15. "Uncomplicated alcoholism" also produces brain changes.
    Heavy use of any intoxicant should be discouraged. THC disrupts REM sleep. That alone should give us pause. However, moderate use of cannabis is not associated with poor academic performance or detrimental life outcomes. If daily consumption is required for pain relief, there may be no choice. But daily recreational use, and in the above study – use eleven times per week – are going to have consequences. It will differ between individuals, for sure.

  16. Yeah folks if there is a god he or she actually put this magical plant here for us all to use!?! Like tobacco should be illegal everywhere but it won’t because of how much money it’s worth!?! Just doesn’t make sense though people ya know!?! Like if there is a god he or she actually put this magical plant here for us all to use!?!

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