Make your own CBD Oil – MCT for Keto

And now for something entirely different, a diy in the kitchen! Here I am making my own CBD oil with cannabis. I am using MCT oil which is perfect for the keto …


  1. OMG… I put lid on finger tight, checked it twice , laid mason jar sideways like in video and water got in and all the herb and mason jar is filled with water and soaked. Should I throw it out? What can I do? I used a quart/liter jar. O:

  2. Try also adding about 1 tablespoon of sunflower lecithin per one cup of MCT. It increases the bioavailability of CBD. It doesn't make your cbd oil stronger, it only increases bioavailability so you get more CBD absorbed.

  3. Possible to do on stovetop instead of instapot?
    Also what percentage cbd was your quarter ounce? If you assume 100% was extracted it’s like 10% cbd given the numbers you gave, but I kinda doubt 100% of the cbd would be extracted in this process

  4. This is the first time I've seen any video like this on YT, but I need to try this, because I'm dealing with chronic back pain due to scoliosis and an injury from a car accident (compound fracture). Liked, shared, subbed. Thanks for sharing. I also have an Instapot I bought from Costco and I've never used it before, but this will make me use it, for sure lol.

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