1. Next there going to legalize sexual harassment, killing old people in nursing homes , public beating of Asian people, throwing someone in front of subway train. But this was more important!!!!!!

  2. The last 40 years of marijuana related criminal records should be expunged with restitution paid to those who were incarcerated for more than 6 months…

  3. Happy they passed this. It should have never been criminalized. They did it for the revenue of taxation for the wounded economy. 4-20 around the corner hope everyone celebrates appropriately 🙌🏼🙌🙌🏻🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿💓

  4. Nothing will change its still the same you can't smoke outside like you can't drink outside you can't smoke while driving just like you can't drink while driving all you can do is smoke in your house or a establishment you just won't get a ticket for having weed on you anymore thats all

  5. REVELATION 18:23 “by sorcery(Pharmakeia) were all nations deceived”..
    This is talking about big pharma and street pharma. Smoking weed for high means also drugs. Read the Bible, better than drugs.

  6. WoW…..the timing. I live in a complex for 55 and older and found out yesterday that a woman in her 60's who smokes OUTSIDE with a small group of friends and have
    friendly low key conversation , was told her lease would not be renewed. LOL……….the property manager who is a bitch can now eat shit because the tenant ( Who pays
    the damn rent ) is living month to month WITHOUT that silly lease. You THINK a Housing Judge is going to evict a paying tenant who keeps the apartment clean and bothers
    no one except the PLAYER HATERS???……you better think again.

  7. This is a huge victory for human freedom. I hope adults will be responsible and I’m looking forward to all the benefits that will be the outcome of the tax revenue. And for the medical marijuana patients I hope they really benefit from the lower prices for their medications.

  8. Lovely E. It should've been legal. You can't get rid of it. I don't smoke myself but it's everywhere. I don't allow my child to do it. But how can you avoid it. People have been put in jail for it. Its grown from the earth. So why not make it legal

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