Jungle Boys Cultivation SOPs

EC (Electrical Conductivity), Feed EC vs. Media EC, Root Zone Temperature, IPM, Cloning, CO2 Levels, VPD, Temperature, Humidity, Crop steering, Drying …


  1. Bro when he said he used to use co2 burners but he had problems what does he mean by that? What type of problems? I’m using co2 burner in my room and running into huge problems and sometimes I get a bad smell of gas in the room and it has me thinking co2 burner realeasing raw gas thats bad for plants but I don’t know forshure.

  2. I agree, good information but I must say its best not to just ride these peoples coat tails. The actual information thats needed is left out. Why would they imply being supreme without sensors but will now tell the public theyre going to Aroya sensors. Learn the reaction of the plant and stay clear of chasing VPD. leaf surface temperature is what you need to focus on. The interviewer who is no more than a snake oil salesman works for Athena. Lol…you cant make this stuff up but F-Boys love following Boys who use information on free private forums to promote themselves as the cats meow. Jack knows eactly what Im talking about. Ask them who actually found the Wifif 43. Look at the expression on his face.

  3. I prefer a fully automated rdwc system. Never worry about moisture content, or which plant drank more/less.., stay clean, maintain correct h2o temp, food levels, and atmosphere and your good.

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