How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil (Decarboxylated Canna-Oil): Cannabasics #25

(Age 21+) How to make activated, or Decarboxylated, Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil. Find supplies in our Amazon Affiliate Store: …


  1. I like this recipe because it logically makes more sense. i kept wondering why people bake their weed first when they could just infuse it with the oil and decarb it at the same time.

  2. Would using this for gummies take away the potency since the medicine has already been Decarboxylated? And you have to cook the jello and the oil again, to make gummies?

  3. Get a mug with Ground black pepper tablespoon and lemon juice with CBD Oil add three tablespoons of yoghurt and dilute with water….this is an antidote to cannabis paranoia and quickly brings you into the calm buzz stage

  4. I tried this method but used 25 grms bud and 10 grms good larf, cooked some eggs with it and made a quick cold fudge recipe with walnuts from one of his other vids. One piece of fudge and the eggs fried me for at least 24 hours i was toasted. Thanks for the great work Ruffhouse you rock!!!

  5. If a person has access to freshly picked leaves – can they use them like that or do the leaves need to be dried, first? What happens if fresh leaves are put, whole, into the coconut oil and heated for the appropriate amount of time?

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