How People Make It In the Legal Weed Business

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  1. thank godness colorado is growing world class, amazing quality buds. Thats why their industry is booming. and because they set it up really well on the legal side. laws, rules, saftey. Colorado is The standard ! Thank you colorado.

  2. I am 100% sure Cannabis is a living thinking lifeform that can pass on messages to us. Cannabis as the one lifeform that is in many places at once there for is in pain 24/7, Government won't tell you this because they are afraid of riots that may come with public trying to ban and make it illegal for us to cook vegetables etc. Eat your raw cold Cannabis if you are going to hangout with Cannabis as a friend to Cannabis. If your going to eat potato raw you will look stupid. Stop beating up your potato etc. You can't teach kids this because welfare will up lift them and force hot potato etc because doctors have the last say. Don't bring kids into this world when you can't have your full say on how you bring them up. Keep your Governments safe don't but in they know and are doing the best they can to ban cigarettes and hot potato. Create cold beers and cheers

  3. I can say I think Im very cautious when driving.stoned.I let people merge and don't speed etc . I have smoked pot every day since I was in my twenty's. But, I must say that someone who dosen't smoke every day jumping into a car after a few smokes is dangerous..But..I feel. they would reliaze they can't drive unlike a drunk person? I've driven after afew Bourbons and someone's cut me off, I ve driven up next to them and flipped their revision mirror, that's out of charactor, that's alchol.

  4. Well first thing 420 is/was the call number the LAPD uses for a Cannibis bust.
    It's also Hitler's birthday, well is true, personally I don't think about him.
    And 420 was the time friend's were able to smoke out, homework done and right before dinner.
    Started smoking at age 13 and now I'm 64 year's old. Boy has it changed! Peace out

  5. Colorado is the leading example of weed legalization and now they're pushing for psychedelic legalization which is just fucking beautiful. I can't wait for the day when we can walk into drug dispensaries and buy whatever we want from weed, MDMA , LSD, shrooms, mescaline, DMT, cocaine, opium and everything in between. Everything having pure medical quality and regulated to where you can't buy more than a solid personal supply. Also regulated where you can only buy certain drugs once a week or once a month and you can only get a certain amount for that amount of time to keep a more medical schedule and reduce possible overdoses but still provide people with what they need/want. Providing such a legitimate and easy way to get drugs and get high and then supplemented with easy access to optional therapy and counselling has already been proven to reduce drug use and help individuals get sober and do something better with their life. Most assume that would make everyone stay high and become wastes of space destroying society when it actually has the complete opposite effect. Majority of the users will move on and find something productive and the true addicts and drug lovers will be the only ones left and that's actually a very tiny percentage of the population. Only a special selection are true drug lovers and those people will benefit from the fact they don't have to worry about not having their fix so nothing will stop them from going to work and being productive in their life.

  6. The tag idea for each plant was dumb AF. Yeah you can account for the plant but do you know what it yields? They could be selling things under the table and no one would know better.

  7. It's pretty simple, give the money to cartels and give them the financial ability to pay off official's and stay one step ahead of law enforcement OR MAKE IT LEGAL AND THE LAW ENFORCEMENT NOW HAS THEY FINANCIAL ABILITY TO STAY ONE STEP AHEAD DERRRRR I FUCKING WONDER WHICH IS BETTER!!!

  8. I've never met a racist pothead lol or a pothead who was violent, except for alcoholic potheads like my bro but hes always been fuckin crazy violent lol

  9. cops and government employees have a lot of nerve with now jumping onboard an industry that they ruined so many lives over and who are now pals with the licensing cabal to keep everyone else out. puts hate in ones heart.

  10. Funny how i dreamed and visioned all these steps and actually seeing it being done in real life… looking to network & expand with legal farmers, lawyers, activist & investors

  11. Big oil, big pharma, big paper mills, big corps all want to keep it illegal so they can continue to rape the world of its resources to enrich the already rich %1. Hemp produces more paper per acre than wood pulp. Hemp seeds are a source of food. A complete source of all that the body needs packed into one little seed. You wont need to eat anything else as the seed has it all. You can make thousands of products from hemp alone. Fuel, food, textiles, paint just to name a few. Now you know why the big corps want to keep it all illegal. So they can continue to rape the world.

    Old American flags are made of hemp. The ones you see in the museums. The declaration of independence was written on hemp paper. Now the USA imports i think most of its hemp from other places rather than grow it themsevles.
    So rather than embracing the industry and providing financial backing and allowing banks to accept funds they drive business into other means to deal with their profits. I would imagine that some stick their funds or at least partially into crypto currencies. If the feds dont play ball soon and declassify this plant then the game is up and they will never ever get hold of control.

  12. till u stop weed and all your problem are still there it don't fix anything it covers it up temporary it don't make anything go away you can be smoking it years I bet your still have your problems when u come to stop it causes cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome like having stomach cramps keep smoking will cause more problem 18 years ex smoker saying this short term use I would recommend in the end your body will end up needing it every single day its not the life to live any mental health issues stay away from weed it will make it worse

  13. All I see in these documentaries are rich white people selling to other rich white people— the 1% figured out how to exploit this shit for themselves once again—

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