Drawbacks & Benefits of Marijuana Edibles

Eating your Cannabis is a method that’s growing in popularity quickly. What are the benefits and the down sides? Today on Lexs World I wanted to have a …


  1. I love growing cannabis but I've never consumed it in any way shape or form. I am pretty good at growing it though. I usually give free cookies away when every half ounce somebody buys off me… Good salesmanship 😁

  2. I've been dosing with a small piece of chocolate every morning. For a week. Needless to say my body feels better than it has in years. I like the ritual of smoking it but the health benefits of eating it are more important imo

  3. I wish I could enjoy edibles. They have absolutely no effect on me. The most I feel is the way you feel after you wake and bake and aren't high any more. My three adult children don't react to them either. I've read that it could either be our digestive systems destroying the thc or something with the enzymes that metabolize the thc. Interestingly, morphine has no effect on me either.

  4. Ever since I started doing edibles only I've worked out everyday and got a ton more stronger. Also I feel super horny for some reason and have to fuck multiple times a day.

  5. You are doing it wrong, enough hashish to make a joint or a little more in a bowl, knob of butter, microwave 20 seconds, if all mixed brown liquid then spread on a piece of bread, takes little time, no need to bake a cake haha

  6. You can heat the hash or marijuana in oil for 3 minutes and put it in some youghurt and eat it that way if you dont have the time. It has the same effect.

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