DOES SHE FAKE HER SEIZURES? // Comparing Raelynn's Seizures to MyJourneyToBeSeizureFree

There’s a trend online in which many people attempt to fake seizures. Angelique Busko of MyJourneyToBeSeizureFree is not one of them. In this video, I …


  1. My hubby used to have 20 to 30 seizures a day. I was driving one time and he started trashing around and banging his head on the window, end up wrapping the seatbelt around his neck and at one point his head is on the steering wheel while on interstate middle lane on 90mph. Trying to protect and secure him while changing Lane to pull over on the side was forever forged in my brain. It's like catching a huge swordfish trashing around while in a small boat.

  2. The killer for me. I’ve gone through tests. I’ve gone through eeg’s. Cat scans. MRI’s. Blood work the whole nine yards. And nothing! Absolutely nothing. When I am stressed and I mean stressed to the point of crying I have a seizure. Like Ang basically. I’ve been told I’ve been faking all the time. Cause it’s always when I’m stressed. I hate it and I don’t know what I’m suppose to say or do!

  3. who ever thought she is a faker is stupid and rude! i have epilepsy tonic clonic also known as grandmal seizures absent and nocutrnal with status epilepticus. for my toni clonic i get aruas witch is a warrning sign before im gonna have a seizure. yes ur right people dont understand seizures. if they took their time to even just google or tlak to someone who knows or has them they would learn so much . pisses me off to see so many people saying someone is faking. yes i understand there are those who do fake like to get out of situations or make a joke witch are both wrong. maybe people think seizures in general are not real. get educated people! thanks for ur video i really hadn't heard people call her fake and i watch her videos. ur daughter is beautiful !

  4. Does anyone know , she literally made a video, she was find and healthy until she got the flu shot and has been having seizures since 15 or 16 years old they aren't fake, I've had 4 seizures from stopping medications I was on for anxiety, I haven't had one in over a year now, hers are 100% real

  5. You are literally one of the biggest pieces of shit to claim that somebody is not ill because you're not getting enough views grow a pair and get over it

  6. She has said herself they are NONepileptic. This means her seizures are psychosomatic. NONepileptic seizures is a real phenomenon and they clearly impact her life greatly but they are not epileptic. Her testing showed no signs of having true electro graphic seizures and she had also laughed during them, they only happen around certain people, and she has supposedly had these for many years and she has no Brian damage. If these were true seizures she wouldn’t be able to make purposeful movements during them, she would definitely have brain damage by now, and if they were real seizures (an in epileptic) if they actually lasted as long as hers do she would have gone into status epilepticus before and been in the hospital most likely the icu but she doesn’t have to go because these do not affect her brains electrical activity. Look up pnes

  7. Whoever says Angelique is faking is STRAIGHT UP Disrespectful and has no heart. That's how society is and i hate it. full of judgement, the double standards, sexism, robbing, killing people, not supporting others, IT'S SICKENING!. imagine it was your cousin on internet Seizuring, imagine it was your brother or sister on internet Seizuring, and in a matter of FACT!, YOUR PARENTS be on The internet Seizuring. would you think that it is a fake 🤔?… I'm waiting


  8. How dare anyone say that angelique has fake seizures. The girl very clearly has epilepsy. She and her family cope so well. I think anyone who is epileptic is extremely brave. God bless them.

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