Does #CBDOil Work For Dogs? LIES? I Took My Dog's #CBD and Here's What I Learned.

MediPets gave me a bottle of #CBDOIL for #Pets to review and I don’t think this video is what they wanted to hear. ** CLICK Show MORE TO SEE TOP …


  1. Thx for the share. I’m looking into CBD for my pets as well and I’m just starting my research as of yesterday. I take CBD for myself and have taken it for a couple years and I love the results I get with it so I can only imagine the results my dogs will have but I don’t know which CBD to get for my dogs.

    so far the one that I come across that I’ve liked which is organic/what I’m seeking for them is canna pet which I see that that’s listed in one of your recommended links. What do you think of it? I’m a little worried about the dosage since what I saw for the capsules is between 170 mg to above 300 mg and you’re giving one capsule every 12 hours. I have 2 Yorkie poos (22-23lb dogs).

    That’s horrible they gave you vape cbd for dogs. Geesh hemp bombs cbd for dogs isn’t even that

  2. You mentioned the dogs quicks, if your dog hates clippers try a dremmel like the groomers use at pat smart. I have the 7700 my dog is much calmer and less stressed..

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