Does CBD Work? Real Life CBD Stories

Does CBD work? We thought what better way to talk about how CBD works, is to speak to a real person about their own experiences. At our Vape and Juice …


  1. do not get me wrong cbd oil properly mad and ingested can help a lot of people. but for the most part 99% of what I have seen on the market and have seen the lab results for are nothing more then snake oil. most of the stuff sold is nothing more then cbd in the incorrect about and expired or mixed with a oil that gives you a little absorbtion %. most of it also has few to nune of the other coumpounds needed to make it work in the body. and one of the bigist scams is full spectrum. it should have all the coumpounds of the plant including thc delta 9 and 8 and thc a they also have bround spectrum witch is the same thing but with thc removed but that's not a good thing delts 9 and 8 in a small amount is what helps activate parts of the brain to alow the other coumpounds to work correctly. this the resin why most states and the federal regulations say that hemp can contain 0.3% of thc as from the test they have shows you need some for it to work right and since every one is a little different some need ore then others but the 0.03% seems to be the most anyone should need. tho new studies show its dependent on the coumpund or type of thc and what plant it comes from. yes people their are more then one type of plants that has thc and more then one form of hemp or cannabus

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