CBD Research – Dr. Steve Laviolette

Dr. Steve Laviolette gives a presentation on CBD at the 2016 Conference, Hemp: A Changing Horizon.


  1. Dr Steve Laviolette, on you tube you will hear me being interviewed on CRN radio, "Is CBD being suppressed" You want to hear what CBD can do for mental health!?!? listen to how severe my children are and how WELL CBD was/is for them!!! Thier stories will have you in tears!!

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  3. That was an awesome and fascinating speech, great job! I will look through your other videos. Please link to the latest research on effects of CBD and also the relative effect when mixed with THC.

  4. this clown is picking and choosing research to back up what he wants to say. also throwing in statements as if that's the Intention of the entire establishment like Colorado. we have other legalized products that are KNOWN and PROVEN to kill people yet nothing is done about like alcohol. cigarettes.

  5. And how does a thc experiment in that of highly "overactive" or overstimulated cases reflect a "negative" impact because of THC? This is a small experiment that does not justify THC as negative, but rather in this case, in a way, amplifies the existing activity of the users (I would guess). He shows something worth looking into but does it in a harsh fashion or maybe just poor word choice. Look up Christina Sanchez on the anti-tumor evidence of thc, or thc plus Temozolamide and don't let the idea of NEGATIVE THC slip into your mind….

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